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Tweaks to Raid Looting?

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The panel shifted gears at this point to talk about changes the design team is making to the itemization system. For one thing, players who complete heroic five-man dungeons will get a whole tier higher loot than those who complete the normal version of the dungeons. Also, the plan is to roll out different currencies based on which raid tier you're on. Separate 10-man gear sets and 20-man gear sets will be available to ensure that everyone is getting appropriately powerful loot, no matter what kind of content they're exploring.

A question and answer period followed, and like most Q&A sessions at BlizzCon, people asked a lot of very specific questions about particular loot or classes. Still, you could spot a couple of trends in the answers the panel gave.

One interesting note is on raid difficulty. Lead Designer Tom Chilton revealed that any time Blizzard makes a raid encounter too difficult, players end up finding and using "cheesy" exploits just to survive it. The designers don't think that's very fun, so they're sticking to battles that are manageable without resorting to extreme tactics.

Another trend from the answers is that it's clear that Blizzard would like to open the raiding gameplay up to more people, not less. Aside from creating a lot of 10-man content, it doesn't sound like Blizzard plans to "lock" any raids off until people jump through hoops, as was done earlier in the game's life. For instance, in the Eye of Eternity encounter, only one player has to have the trigger item that allows you to fight Malygos, it's not like the whole raid has to qualify.

Raiding is obviously one of the centerpieces of the World of Warcraft endgame, and it sounds like the team is intent on making sure not only that more players can enjoy it, but that each and every raid encounter has the epic scope and scale that makes them such an important part of the game.

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