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WOW Arena Guide

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The Arenas of World of Warcraft give the most battle-hardened and cold-blooded fighters a place to compete against each other in gladiatorial battles for honor, glory, and power. Gather your allies, build your teams, and prepare to face off against formidable, merciless opponents in a race to claim the honor of being the highest ranked Arena Team on your realm.
The main goal of the Arena PvP System is to offer players a highly competitive environment that does not rely so much on a huge investment of time but rather on a team's playing skills. Because the Arena System is meant to be the ultimate PvP challenge, the level requirement to join an Arena Team is level 70. You have the option of engaging other players in practice matches even if you are not level 70 yet, but these skirmishes do not gain you a Team Rating or Arena Points.
Fighting in the Arena
Once you have your team set up, it's time to prove your might in the Arena. You get into an Arena match like you join a Battleground: talk to an Arena Battlemaster and select the type of match you want to queue for. You can select either a ranked game or a skirmish, which is a practice fight that won't impact your Team Rating. Once your team is in the queue, the matchmaking system will look for other teams with a suitable ranking for you to play against. When it finds a match, both teams are teleported into the arena and the match countdown begins.
Arena Battlemasters are located next to other battlemasters in major cities. Ask a guard for directions. Additionally, you can start arena games at The Ring of Trials in Nagrand, Circle of Blood in Blade's Edge Mountains, and Gadgetzan. Most arena players seem to use the Arena Battlemaster in Shattrath City. As when joining a Battleground, after a match your team will be teleported to the battlemaster who entered your team in the queue.
Fights in the Arena are subject to a set of special rules. You'll find the most important ones listed below. We recommend you familiarize yourself with these rules before you enter your first match.
Pre-match Countdown
At the beginning of each match, both teams are placed in separate holding areas on opposite ends of the arena, and a countdown begins. Get ready to fight!
Any existing buffs and conjured items will be purged or deleted upon entering. This is to ensure that outside buffs are not used, and that no conjured items from players not actually in your group are being used.
Your health and mana are set to full.
Mana/Rage/Energy costs are reduced to zero during the countdown so that teams can quickly buff up and prepare for the match.
Soul Shard costs are reduced to zero so that warlocks can summon Healthstones for their party without needing to bring an excessive number of stones for their group. This also means that warlocks can summon pets during this period without using a soul shard.
Pets are dismissed upon entering an arena. Players must re-summon them once entering.
Players cannot change armor once an arena battle has begun, even if out of combat. Changing armor will still be possible during the one-minute prep time prior to the battle. Main hand, off hand and range weapon swapping in combat is still allowed.
No consumables other than bandages, Arena Water, and conjured items can be used while in the arena.
Vital information about a class/spec include cooldowns (CDs) available, cooldown duration, and knowing certain class "tells" when they are about to do damage.
Great players are able to track both opponent cooldowns as well as use of their PvP trinket.
Communication and Awareness:
The biggest key to success in arena is communication. Voice chat is not absolutely necessary, but is definitely preferred. Call out heals that are going out, crowd control (CC) that is going out, CC that is coming in, damage taken, kill opportunities, etc.
In the arena, you must always know your surroundings. Know where to line-of-sight your enemies, and know where they can line-of-sight you. Know where your enemies are going and know where your teammates are going. Raid symbols can often be a huge help to track movement.
You must find a perfect balance between doing damage, keeping aware of your surroundings and not getting tunnel vision.
Have your cooldowns ready, which includes class abilities, crowd control, and trinkets, and wait until diminishing returns are stacked up on your opponents' CC. When you feel like the pace is slow, CC whatever you can on their team. Pop your cooldowns and trinkets, and burn as hard as you can. If you cannot get a kill shot, try to recover, stabilize your play, and control the match until you have your cooldowns back up.

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