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WOW PvP Honor Guide

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The Honor System rewards players for participating in player vs. player combat. By defeating other players and achieving PvP objectives, players earn Honor Points which they can use to purchase a wide array of rewards.
You receive Honorable Kills for defeating enemy players in battle, provided they are within an acceptable level range of your character's level. Each Honorable Kill will net you a reward of Honor Points. The amount of Honor you receive scales similarly to receiving experience from a monster. There are several factors influencing the Honor value of such a kill:
Your victim's level:
To receive honor, you must not significantly outlevel your opponent. The name of your opponent will display in colored text showing their level relative to yours, with the same grey to red scheme that applies to monsters. Killing a "grey" player gives no Honor, while a "red" player is substantially higher level that yours. To receive honor you should focus on players around your own level (green, yellow, and orange).
Your own level: The higher level you are, the more honor you receive for honorable kills of same-level opponents.
Solo or group: Members of a group or raid will share Honor gains from kills in the same way as XP. However, the raid penalty on XP does not apply to Honor. Lower level members will get a smaller portion of the Honor. The diminishing returns for honor kills on the same enemy still apply while in a group or raid.
Contribution: You must contribute to the honorable kill to receive honor. Contribution includes damaging the enemy, but also includes crowd control, and healing those in battle with that enemy.
Being present: You need to be alive and in the proximity of the kill at the time of the kill to get your share of the Honor.
Racial Leaders
Killing one of the powerful NPCs considered leaders of their race nets a high amount of honor. These racial leaders are all on a two hour spawn timer, and the bonus for their defeat is divided between participating solo characters, groups, and raids based on contribution. The racial leaders are:
Cairne Bloodhoof
Lady Sylvanas Windrunner
Lor'themar Theron
Highlord Bolvar Fordragon
King Magni Bronzebeard
Archdruid Fandral Staghelm
Prophet Velen
Achieving Battlegrounds Objectives
Each battleground has special objectives which will grant bonus Honor for their completion. Every member of the faction that completes an objective will gain this bonus Honor. For every battleground, the objective that grants the most bonus Honor is simply winning the match. Other objectives will center around the features of the individual battlegrounds themselves. For example, in Warsong Gulch, capturing the enemy flag will grant bonus honor to the capturing side. Completing bonus objectives is a significant source of Honor, and completing them will provide faster Honor gain than simply killing enemy players in a battleground.
World PvP
Azeroth and Outland provide ample opportunities for fighting other players in the great outdoors. World PvP objectives placed in strategic locations encourage such conflict, especially on PvE servers where the threat of PvP combat is not as pervasive as it is on PvP servers. These special objectives grant bonus honor much in the same way as Battlegrounds objectives.
Honor Point Calculation
As of patch 2.4, Honor is no longer calculated nightly! Instead, Honor is instantly and directly added to the total at the top of the PvP tab of your character sheet (default key 'c') preceded by the word Honor. This Honor is available to be spent immediately.

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