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Warcraft Wonders Tomorrow

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More Professions
Right now, professions involve things like making guns, skinning animals and making magic potions. The new profession is "Jewelcrafting." Clearly they're giving us fair warning that the professions are going to get increasingly lame as time goes on. I predict that over the next few expansions we're going to get Making Mix Tapes, Crochet and Scrapbooking.

More Animal People
One of the secrets of creating a believable fantasy world is to create humanoid versions of every animal you can think of. World of Warcraft, for instance, has cow people, boar people, dragon people, horse people, bear people, bird people, hyena people, rat people, wolf people, fish people and lobster people, and I'm probably forgetting a few. To begin with, they're ignoring the vast cat people lobby. Beyond that, there are all sorts of people you can make, from aardvark people to zebu people. If there's anyone who doesn't want to play or at least fight a humanoid tapir, then I don't want to know about it.

Hot Sex
Sometimes people have cybersex in World of Warcraft. No, really! I'm just glad the Horde and Alliance can't really communicate, because then I'd have to consider the possibility of gnome-on-tauren action. Oh, hell, I just considered it. That's the sort of thing you can't un-consider. Anyhow, once you get past the gnome thing the main problem is that the game is really not designed for this purpose. You can't get all the way naked, and most of the hand movements you can make your character perform just look like you're demonstrating how to make pumpkin bread. I think people would pay a lot for the ability to wear a latex bodysuit with strategically cut holes and lick someone's kneecap at will. And other people would pay a lot to play on a server where they don't have to look at it.

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