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Warhammer Online vs. World of Warcraft

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Warhammer Online has been out for a few weeks, giving us all a chance to really tear into the realm-vs.-realm gameplay and get a feel for what's different. But which of these two titans of fantasy gaming is right for you? And more importantly, will the upcoming Wrath of the Lich King expansion change the dynamic any?

Inspired by the presidential debates, we here at GameSpy have chosen 10 key issues that MMO gamers care about. We'll look at the "candidate platform" for each issue, we'll look at how Lich King might tip the balance, and then we'll give you our opinions on how the two games stack up. On to the issues!

Solo Gameplay / Casual Play (PvE)

Massively multiplayer games are social games, but we don't always play them that way. Casual players, especially, enjoy being able to log in and run a few quests without the overhead of finding a group. How well do both games stack up with solo play?

The World of Warcraft Platform: Compelling solo-friendly content has always been the bedrock of WoW's gameplay, at least until you hit max level. WoW is loaded with single-player quests spread across multiple continents (and even another planet) featuring dozens of different environments, factions, and stories.

The Warhammer Online Platform: Although Warhammer features plenty of solo missions spread across all four tiers of the game's three major conflict zones, the game's real emphasis is to make sure you don't stay alone. Public Quests and open groups encourage everyone to easily band together with strangers, and even single-player quests drive players toward PvP battlegrounds. Warhammer's design intentionally lures people away from soloing.

The Lich King Factor: WoW's upcoming expansion offers a massive continent with ten more levels of content to explore, much of it solo-friendly. The addition of vehicles and vehicle-based missions should give solo players plenty of new and different quests to play around with. Lich King should offer a lot for people interested in this style of play.

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