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Warlock Arena Tips

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Most of people think that Warriors are easy mode, because you spend most of your time spamming MS and WW. In general a test of a good Warrior comes down, they are able to pummel properly. Try this for instance: when you kill a lock's first pet, pummel the fel dom summon next. When you can get those consistantly, you're reaction time is good. Pummel is the one thing about a Warrior that requires absolute finesse. If your latancy is above 300, it really sucks. You have to anticipate casts by thinking like your target, which it turns out is actually pretty easy to do. You got SW:P'd, the vamp touch is coming next. Your pali bubbled, mass dispel inc. Dropping your DPS target to pummel a holy light, healing touch, greater heal and so on.

So it turns out people like to kill us first. S2 Warrior gib teams are the new trend, but it's quite avoidable. Above all, it's pretty easy to spot. These are all signs that you or a teammate are about to get bursted. The best four DPS teams will 100-0 you in the duration of a counterspell, so don't expect to receive heals, consider yourself lucky if you do. Use a sword+board spell reflect macro and use it before the burst occurs. Have one of your teammates near a LOS spot where you can intervene out if necessary. If all else fails, just stay back. It's a tough concept but it works. If that team waste's their burst and CC's up front and you survive, your team pretty much won, so take great care in your own preservation.

But now we realize that there are Asian players who can pull off 18 keybinds simultaneously but chances are you're not one of them. Reducing latancy, button efficiency, and not relying on manaul stance-changes is huge here. Take overpower as example. When you get dodged in zerk, you have about three seconds before your next swing to use that overpower and get back to zerker. That's easy to do with an overpower macro. We can post all of the macro's we use per request, but there are enough of them out there and you just have to be creative. Even something basic as a charge/intercept macro will make or break games in those sensitive split seconds you are out of melee range.

Focus is essencial for casters but it's very beneficial fo Warriors too. In a 2v2, your focus allows you to constantly see both opponents health, mana, cast bar, debuffs, and instantly pull off macro's. For instance, in a lock/shadowpriest match, easily the toughest 2x DPS you'll run up against, being as your healer is almost gauranteed to be silenced for 7 seconds and feared/DCd at some point. As usuak we save the pummel for the shadow Priest, as it shuts down more of his damage, but spell reflecting a UA or mind blast is huge, and very easy to pull off if you watch your focus' cast bar.

Pets are a free victory rush to well geared Warriors. If you spend more than 10 seconds or 100 rage trying to kill a pet, you're doing something wrong. Pets are very much worth killing in 2v2 and greatly increase the match in your favor once an SL lock or hunter's pets are all dead. Use things like Sweeping strikes, cleave, WW, aoe taunt to let you continue DPS'ing your target but also work away on the pet. The split DPS is very good because for one healer, unless its a priest PoM, they have to choose between keeping the pet alive with a large heal, or healing your main target. Either way they are pulling double duty so you'll win the mana war.

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