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Warlock Felhunter Pet Guide

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Requires: 1x Soul Shard
Available at level 30

The Felhunter is the ultimate Anti-Spellcaster demon and is extremely useful in PvP with somewhat limited uses in PvE. It has the ability to lock down most any kind of magic user and keep them from casting spells. It also has a ton of magic resist built right in making it very hard for casters to kill.

Devour Magic: Removes a buff from an enemy or a debuff from an ally and heals the Felhunter. Used every six seconds and is very useful in removing debuffs from yourself in PvP.
Tainted Blood: Reduces the attack power of any enemy that attacks the Felhunter. It's alright, just leave it on auto-cast unless you plan on using a lot of the Felhunter's mana.
Spell Lock: This skill shouldn't be on auto-cast, it's basically like a Mage's Counterspell. When used it'll interrupt a caster and keep them from casting from that school of magic for six/eight seconds.
Paranoia: Increases stealth detection of everyone in the Warlock's party. Like Blood Pact it is always on, costs no mana, and is somewhat useful.
Fel Intelligence: A raid-wide buff that adds INT and Spirit to all members, kind of like Arcane Intellect!
In PvP use the Devour Magic ability as much as possible to keep yourself clean of debuffs (for instance, removing Polymorph) and use Spell Lock to stop enemy casters. It's very weak against enemy melee classes so it may not always be the pet to bring out in PvP, but it's a magic user's bane.

Remember to also use Devour Magic on the enemy priests or mages, or whoever have barriers on to eat them and make them vulnerable to attack. Having the pet on them also makes it hard for them to let off a spell and gives you the edge to fear them or deathcoil them and finish them off.

In PvE it's useful in instances were people will get a lot of debuffs. Since it can devour them (and heal itself) it makes a decent pet. If there is a lot of debuffs moving around then the Felhunter can off-tank and heal itself. It's got decent HP and MP and could keep an enemy busy for awhile.

In later instances, the felhunter is essential for its spell lock, it can be used to interrupt casting of many spells and stop enemy monsters from unleashing powerful attacks on the party for a little while longer. Also remember, you may devour magic any positive magical buff the monsters gain, like "Demonic Power" on the Mog'arg bosses in Mechanar, letting your tank avoid getting pummeled more than he should.

New to Wrath of the Lich King, Felhunters may also buff the entire raid with Fel Intelligence, allowing for lack of mages if you want an INT buff in your party. This will make you sacrifice your imp, though, so decide which is better for the situation!

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