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Warlock Four Pets Guide

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Lash of Pain: A direct damage type melee attack that does Shadow damage (and benefits for additional Shadow damage of the Warlock). Outside of the standard melee attack this is probably the best source of damage from a Succubus.
Soothing Kiss: Similar to the Priests fade ability, the Soothing Kiss skill make an enemy less likely to attack the Succubus, reducing its aggro. Useful in groups when you want the Succubus to do stuff in combat but is less useful while soloing. Turn it off auto-cast if you want the Succubus to attempt to tank enemies. At the highest level (level 70) it reduces attack speed as well by 10%, making it slightly more useful in group situations since it acts like an extra thunderclap.
Seduction: This skill takes 1.5 seconds to cast and a lot of the Succubuss mana to “charm” a Humanoid for 15 seconds. This is similar to Polymorph, except it doesnt regen the enemys health. It breaks on any form of damage and if the Succubus is interrupted then the charm is interrupted as well. In PvE it can be used as much as you like, however in PvP it suffers from diminishing returns and is on the small diminishing returns scale as fear (meaning that the more times you use it the less time itll last). In instances it is useful for keeping a Humanoid enemy out of a fight for extended periods of time and in PvP its great for stopping someone on their tracks who jump you.
Lesser Invisibility: This useful skill keeps the Succubus invisible when it is out of combat. When combat starts it will remain invisible until it takes damage or attacks itself. When auto-casted, the Succubus will remain invisible whenever possible.
The Succubus is great in instances where you can seduce enemies and keep them out of battle. Its also great in PvP to seduce an enemy player to keep them out of combat for a little while. Its not that great as a solo pet since it has little HP. It does decent amounts of damage, though, so you can let it attack in groups only after someone has aggro on something.
Remember to keep the succubus invisible in a safe spot in PvP so she can seduce people who are attacking you, but be wary of AoE damage that will pop her out of stealth and make her a quick kill.
Try to avoid using Lash of Pain much since its generally not worth the damage in any scenario and you could benefit more from her other abilities.
The fourth pet World of Warcraft Warlock obtains is the Felhunter. It has limived use in a player versus environment setting, but may still find use in areas where a lot of caster mobs dominate.[By the way you can buy wow gold here]


Felguard was added during the “Before the Storm” global talent revamp. It is 41 points into the Demonology talent tree and with all those talent points comes one really buffed pet. Its got massive amounts of offense and defense and copies a few of the Warriors movies like Intercept and Cleave. Its a great pet for instances and for general soloing.


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