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Warlock Four Pets Guide

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The Felguard has a total of five skills, which is very different from the other pets. He also starts with nothing and has to be taught all of them through Demon Trainers.
Anguish: The same skill as the Voidwalkers Torment, available at level fifty when you first get him. Taunts the enemy a good deal. In PvP you might as well turn this off to save the mana.
Cleave: Cleave is another skill available at level fifty, its the same skill as the Warriors Cleave except it uses 10% of the Felguards mana. Its great at getting even more aggro from an enemy do to its high damage and its something like Suffering for a Voidwalker in that itll grab aggro from multiple enemies.
Demonic Frenzy: A passive ability that allows the Felguard to have a chance to increase its DPS on hit.
Avoidance: Increases the chance for the pet to passively avoid AoE damage by 25-50%. Passive, whats to hate?
Intercept: Same as the Warriors Intercept, the Felguard charges the target and stuns for it a second. Great for getting that initial aggro.
The Felguard plays two different games, one is the PvE game and the other the PvP game.
In PvE the Felguard is, pretty much, a replacement for the Voidwalker. Not all the way, obviously, but its a very rounded out melee fighter who can hold aggro slightly better then the Voidwalker due to its increased DPS causing more aggro generation. Its not as tough as the Voidwalker, so its not going to take as many hits, but with all those points in Demonology that may not be an issue. He doesnt have sacrifice, though, making him less attractive
In PvP the Felguard is kind of out of place. Its great for stunning enemies and doing damage, but a Priest is just going to instant PBAoE fear it away and once its used intercept its not going to be doing much with all of the crowd control moving about. Its not useless though, far from it, but its not going to be this massively amazing PvP pet.
In the Arena however, the Felguard can prove to be quite an annoying pet to handle to the other teams caster(s), since it has high HP and is fast, acts like a warrior and interrupts their spellcasting, it lets you get out your fears and if you have soul linked your felguard, you have a pretty hefty amount of hitpoints. This makes him a very viable arena pvp pet thanks to all the advantages he gives you. Do try him out with stamina gear.
There are really no tactics for this pet, other then having it attack an enemy and use its skills. Itll play like a Voidwalker and to a smaller extent a Succubus.
Its best role is probably with either casual leveling or in the Arena. When youre fighting enemies that die way before the Felguard needs to heal then itll help a ton by doing a lot more DPS then your Voidwalker. World of warcraft Gold here go>>>
The most important thing to remember is that youll have a full set of Demonology talents with this pet which means that itll be pretty tough.
Many warlocks use the Felguard to level and solo pretty tough elite monsters you couldnt otherwise, with health funnel and all its aggro abilities, you can go a long time with him against a high HP monster.


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