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Warlock Guide

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The Warlock class is a class that deals in demonic spells and rituals. They can summon demons from the void, afflict upon their enemies various curses and diseases, and use various shadow arts to directly attack. As a Warlock, you can expect high survivability with the best hitpoints a caster class can have, along with a lot of help from your summoned demons when it comes to soloing. It is also the only class to have a Single-Target Fear spell, allowing it to survive against formidable opponents by simply "fear-kiting" player and monster alike!

As opposed to Mages, Warlocks seek to deal Damage over Time, and have more utility for a group, be it raid or 5-man group, with additions such as Healthstones, Soulstones (anti-wipe measure) and their pet raid-wide buffs. While playing a Warlock, you will be expected to keep quite a few debuffs active on your enemies as you wittle them down and drain their energies away for others to do more damage to them.

Warlock Overview
Caster Class, uses Damage over Time spells to great effect over any other class.
Great at PvP due to their Fear spells and variety of pet options
Uses Swords, Daggers, and Staves
Can only wear Cloth armor
Able to buff parties and raids with both Imp and Felhunter for Stamina and Intellect repectively, as well as hand out Healthstones and use Soulstones
Warlock Strengths

Great Survivability, can recover his health quickly using Drain Life, Siphon Life, and countless other optional abilities.
'Free' Normal and Epic ground mounts, trainable at their Warlock Trainer
Can recover Mana quickly due to Lifetap; their HP to Mana conversion spell
Many pets for various situations such as CC, Tanking, Buffing, and Counterspelling
Warlock Weaknesses

Multiple Warlocks may not be needed in bigger raids since DoTs aren't as powerful when increased in numbers
Weak to Melee monsters and players, even though their HP is high
Low Front-Damage Output
Can be hard to master all spells, curses and abilities both yours and your pet's

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