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Warlock Imp Pet Guide

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Spellcaster and Support
Requires: Nothing
Available at level 1

   As Warlocks class, over time they have been seeing a lot of changes and patches have gone on.  What abilities do their pets have now, that they didn't have before? Come check out the new INT and Stamina Pet raid buffs and Status Point conversions in-game right now in our update Warlock Pet FAQ!
Wrath of the Lich King brings more effectivity to the imp when used in a Destruction spec; it will boost your overall damage should your imp crit by giving you a 20% chance of critting as well, so it's to your advantage, especially if a fire warlock, to use an imp companion to burn enemies down fast!
Simply Warlocks don't summon elementals or make an animal so enthralled with them that it'll fight by their side. Warlocks enslave demons to fight by their side in combat. Warlocks gain the ability right off the bat through a quest to summon an Imp (at level 1) and from there move through other demonic companions that each have their own unique role.
The Imp is an interesting pet and is the first pet you obtain. Available at level one, the Imp has only one attack (Firebolt) and is considerably weak. Its main role is in support, being able to stand back increasing your DPS, increasing your party's health, and providing a very nice but simple buff.

Its skills are as follows:
Firebolt: Deals fire based damage and is the only available attack an Imp has. The damage isn't very much, but it's not likely to draw aggro. As the Imp is very frail this is a very good thing. Starts at 6 to 8 damage and at level 58 reaches 83 to 94 damage.
Blood Pact: Starting at level four the Imp is able to give a Stamina buff passively to everyone in your party. It starts at 2 stamina (20 HP) and works its way up to 38 stamina (380 HP) at level 50.
Phase Shift: Phase Shift allows the Imp to become invulnerable at the cost of it being able to do nothing. This is useful when you want to drag it along and not have it get aggro at start or when in instances and you want to share the Blood Pact buff with everyone. The Imp can autocast this, meaning when it's out of combat it'll generally go into Phase Shift.
Fire Shield: At level fourteen Fire Shield becomes available and is a really lackluster spell. It's best to turn off auto-cast since it'll overwrite a Druid's Thorns spell, unless of course you plan on keeping the Imp out awhile.
To some extent imps are very weak. When you reach level ten and get your Voidwalker then you should probably shelf the Imp until you're in an instance or group. Then pull it out and have it Phase Shift/put it into passive to share the Blood Pact buff with everyone. When someone has enough aggro feel free to command it to attack, although its damage will be pretty low.
Sometimes imp are useful for pulling enemies, although they are very weak and any kind of elite enemy will one or two hit an Imp on average.
Imp is the pet of choice if you go heavy affliction while soloing, too, since it has the largest mana pool out of all the pets. This means that you can use its MP to regain yours via Dark Pact, the talent deep in the affliction tree. It also means more HP for you to upkeep your life up via drain life tanking.
The imp's superior mana regeneration helps quite a bit for this spec, too, and is ideal for any situation as an affliction Warlock.
Wrath of the Lich King brings more effectivity to the imp when it used in a Destruction spec; overall it will boost your damage, as well as your imp crit gives you a 20% chance of critting so it's to your advantage, in particular, a fire Warlock can use an imp companion to burn enemies down fast! This only applies if you have gone down deep in the Destruction Tree and obtained Empowered Imp, however.
If you have demonology spec, you'd better to avoid using Soul Link with this poor guy out, he will die so fast! If you don't want your imp splattered to the floor, avoid Soul Link while our buddy is helping us!

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