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Warlock Infernal Pet Guide

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Special Summon/Enslaved Demon
Requires: 1x Infernal Stone
Available at level 50

The Infernal is a "gimmick pet" in the sense that it's rather powerful, but not that great. You get to keep it under control for five minutes which gives you about five minutes of a really cool pet that is roughly more powerful then most of your base ones. After five minutes you'll have to re-enslave it (cast Curse of Shadow before you use Enslave Demon) at which point it'll randomly break free and attack you. That's pretty much why it's a gimmick, since you only get a good five minutes of use out of it every hour.

It's not recommended to use this pet for anything other than showoff purposes, since their power doesn't scale well and they're one of the weaker pets as you level up more past 60, and still highly unreliable as far as their timing and uses go. You're better off with  a Felguard than this novelty pet you can show around every hour in a major city.

It may work in PvP as an added AoE stun and wow factor, but it's really nothing out of this world and it will probably get banished for atleast half of its duration, so there's better alternatives out there.

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