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Warlock Voidwalker Pet Guide

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Defensive Fighter
Requires: 1x Soul Shard
Available at level 10

The Voidwalker is a pure tank pet. Its abilities allow it to take a good bit of damage before dieing and is the preferred solo pet of most Warlocks. It has a very weak melee attack, but makes up for it by its impressive ability to hold an enemies attention while you slay it.

Torment: An auto-casted ability to "taunts" the enemy into attacking it every five seconds. This should always be on as it keeps enemies attacking the Voidwalker (unless, of course, you don't want the Voidwalker tanking).
Sacrifice: Sacrificies the Voidwalker in order to give you a temporary shield that will absorb all damage (up to a specified amount depending on rank) and keep damage from interrupting you. However, it's important to note that while the shield may absorb damage and keep you from being interrupted from damage attacks, it won't stop a skill such as Silence from interrupting you nor does it stop a Shaman from removing the buff effect (although you can kind of cast the water breathing spell to cover it up).
Consume Shadows: An out of combat channeled heal over time. Basically it's like the Voidwalker bandaging itself. Very useful. It will also increase stealth detection bigtime while doing so!
Suffering: An AoE Taunt that is on a two minute cooldown. Useful for gaining extra aggro on one enemy or having the Voidwalker tank multiple enemies. When on Auto-Cast the Voidwalker will use it whenever there is more then two enemies in combat.
Past level 60, Suffering also gains an additional bonus: all targets hit with suffering are given 10% less chance  to hit for a few seconds, improving the voidwalker's lifespan for a few more seconds when multiple monsters are on him. This is useful for AoE grinding or simply getting away from a tough monster.

There are a lot of things you can do with a Voidwalker, although the majority of them involve the Voidwalker tanking enemies. That's pretty much what it's very good at, holding an enemy's attention while you kill it. With light damage to start with (i.e. not unloading your non-DoT offense at the start) the Voidwalker will easily hold the aggro of any mob near your level.

It is also useful for sending into battle near a quest objective, have the Voidwalker take in all of the attention and use the quest objective (for instance, pick up a map). When finished you can get some distance then Sacrifice the Voidwalker for an easy escape, saving you from killing any enemies near a quest objective.

In PvP the Voidwalker can really only be used as health batter for when you're attacked. When, say a Rogue appears before you, simply Sacrifice the Voidwalker which will give you a very hefty damage shield and time to deal with the attacking enemy. Not only that, if you spec Demonology, you will be able to receive a LOT more damage with the Voidwalker out since it reduces damage taken by both of you by an amount - good PvPers know when to use a Felhunter or a Voidwalker for their PvP matches.

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