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Warrior Q/A Blue Post

Author: inwowgold Source:

I'll have to investigate this.

Do you feel heroic throw is strong or interesting enough for a level 80 skill?

The devs seem to have originally planned several means for warriors to interact with the new enrage mechanics. Will enraged regeneration and the rend bonus be all that we see for the expansion, or is more being considered? Specifically, enraged assault.
The problem we had with Enraged Assault was our warrior testers and designers didn't feel like they had enough GCDs to work another attack into their rotations. It was just too much. I love the idea though (it wasn't mine) so I wouldn't say never.

Why was the healing component of bloodthirst nerfed?
We thought it was too good, though to be honest, there are clandestine whispers echoing through our offices in the dead of night to change it back.

Do you think some of the design is being rushed by the looming deadline?
Nope. We just can't worry about stuff like that or one of two things would happen: we'd get rushed and sloppy, or we'd just keep delaying the release. Class design, item design, talent design and game balance are never realy done, so we just keep working on them.
The truth is we can release stuff on a day one patch. We'll also have [a period] in between the 3.0 patch and the actual release of Lich King in which we'll get more time to see the new talents and mechanics in action before everyone starts leveling again. And then there are hotfixes, mini-patches (there will doubtless be a few) and then big content patches.
We have enough experienced people on the team now who have been through this a couple of times that we plan on being able to respond to problems in a timely fashion.
But since we can't wait until everything is 100% perfect (because it never is) it doesn't make much sense to worry about the impending release either.

While you're doing numbers passes, any chance of restoring flurry to its original 30% bonus? Compare it to shamans flurry and it's clearly underbudgeted.
It all depends at this point on whether shamans or warriors are doing too much damage.

Will we be seeing any sort of "good raid-slave" bonus for warriors who take rampage, given the overwhelming presence of feral druids across the raiding scene?
That is in the long-term plan. On the other hand, we can't really imagine a warrior skipping that talent because it is so useful solo. Mostly, we need to make sure the big raid buff overhaul really works the way we want it to.

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