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Warrior Spec

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  This build focuses on maximum damage in raids and less on pvp talents. Blood Frenzy is the main talent in this PvE spec becuase it helps the damage of the other meleers in the group.
Make sure to get Tactical Mastery also so you can switch gear and off-tank when you need to.

   Believe it or not, there's a right way and a wrong way to spec Protection if you want to be even moderately viable in PvP. Here's an example of an excellent tank build that will get you rolled all day by other players.
All kinds of PvE-based goodies, and extremely vulnerable to just about everyone in PvP. But with a little pinching and shifting, you can make yourself a fair bit more dangerous.
You've probably noticed that these specs are very similar. The reason should be fairly obvious- there's only so much tweaking you can do when based in the PvE tree to be ready for PvP. The one talent I disregarded from these specs, which may well be the most PvP-oriented Protection talent, is Iron Will. If you want to try that instead of Anticipation or any other combination of talents, feel free. I don't believe it's useful enough to warrant speccing in, however, as you're basically using five talent points to hope for low-percentage procs when they could be spent on something much more stable.
All I did was change seven talent points: Removed two from Improved Taunt and put them in Improved Overpower, and took five from Anticipation and put them in Improved Revenge and Improved Shield Bash. Imp. OP is huge- absolutely massive- against rogues, as it will be your main source of damage while they try to whittle your health down through your plate and shield. Additionally, every class has a natural ability to dodge, so Overpower will light up when you least expect it. Improved Shield Bash is an excellent counter to instant-cast spells. Improved Revenge, since the talent change, is a good source of cheap stuns against melee opponents.
Two final specs I'll share is not mine. The first was created by Magoosh, who was considered by nearly everyone to be the best Warrior on our server. Mind you, he achieved that reputation because he is extremely skilled, but that combined with this spec made him unbelievably dangerous to melee. Before he quit last year, I don't believe he had lost a fight against a warrior in two or three months, and rogues were simply helpless. Since he shared it with us, I don't think he'll mind if I use it to help others. (Hopefully I'm remembering it correctly.)
You may notice that he has Iron Will. As a matter of fact, he piled his damage mitigation sky-high, lowered his enemy's AP with Improved Demo Shout, and since you had to hit him so much you couldn't help but crit, he used Blood Craze to help regenerate his health. Because he was packing around 6k health, it wasn't unusual to watch someone crit him and wind up having him heal because of it. The only melee who put up a significant fight were warriors with the beastliest of weapons- Sulfuras, and not much else, would make for a close battle. It's a shame he quit.
No, this is not a tank build. If you wanted to make it more PvE-based, you could simply drop Iron Will for Defiance. The loss of Shield Slam aggro shouldn't affect you too much, having Enrage and even Death Wish if you need to take more damage to build rage for abilities.
Needless to say, this requires a good deal of crit to be effective- in other words, this build is for someone who wants to throw on their DPS gear and simply PvP with a different style. It's terrific against casters, and Deep Wounds means you often won't have to bother with Rend. All that DPS gear, however, means you won't be as frustrating to melee as the average prot Warrior. If that becomes a frustration, try to tweak your gear balance so you can be effective against everyone.
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