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Warrior Stances

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I didn't say they put agility on the plate, only that is is forced on us in the form of rings, necklaces, and cloaks (because the other physical Damage Dealers get more use out of it than Strength, other than DKs), and if they were going to do so, why not make it useful to all specs.  Also, I'd like to point out that the AP in Battle stance was a trade off (as were all the stance benefits), causing you to lose the crit and dodge you gained from Agility.  This goes right along with Blizz's policy of give-and-take for warrior stances.  Since Arms is all about Solid hits, Zerk is all about lots of Crits, and Prot is all about mitigating Damage while holding threat (see the new trees) this makes sense to me.
If you actually knew anything about warrior stances, they are not about give or take. Battle stance is a neutral stance, no give or take there. So you bitching about 4 items? non of which are high stat items. And not all of those items have agi on them anyway, currently my warriors dps set only has 1 of those 4 items with agi on it.

The amount of agility that you will have will be around 150 to 250 (unless you continue to steal Leather from Rogues/Cats), none of it is currently on the plate.  All physical DPS Rings, Cloaks, and Necklaces have Agility on them and no Strength (they do have AP though, oh and there is 1 ring with Strength in Naxx 25).  Bloodthirst does deal damage based on AP (45% to be exact) but the real complaint I'm seeing from Warriors on the Beta (besides get rid of Agility) is that Fury warriors won't be able to stack +Crit because they will need so much +hit.  This would give TG warriors their +crit (from items that already give +hit, all +hit non-plate, non-cloth items and armor, with the exception of a few weapons, have Agility on them). Bloodthirst is only 1 attack, and it can still crit (causing up to 220% damage with talents), would you rather it crit or do an extra 80 damage?

I would rather be smart and balance my stats to maximize dps. So you need +hit for TG, TG will be a dps buff that will compensate for the need to stack +hit; well thats what it should be in theory (still in beta remember)

This is why I try to proof read all my posts, to keep spelling errors out of the topic.  My bad for missing that ONE.  By the way, yourself is one word not two.  I'm not insulting people, only pointing out that they should work on their grammar so people will take them more seriously or educating them on one of the most complicated Languages currently spoken (pretty sure Swahili is the most complicated, they have 3 "T" sounds) and written.

And as I said, I'm dyslexic and did not know that, but that just shows your own ignorance as I said that in my last post.

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