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Warrior Tank Guid:Skills

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I guess I can't avoid this section, so here we go. First of all, thanks to Kenco for his work on threat values, we're all very thankful for all the hard work you have put into it, I'll be using some of those values in this section. What I will be explaining in this section is how certain important tanking abilities work. I will not be detailing all the abilities of the Warrior class, and I will be centering myself around the Protection tree, although there are other very good tanking specs. I will attempt to avoid long explanations or being stuck in a skill for too long, and I will be offering no talent trees for you to take and copy. You will be, however, learn about those talents and pick whatever you choose as best talents for your playing style.


Battle Stance required:

# Charge: I find myself hardly using this ability to start a fight with. It has it's worth in instances with low-hp mobs such as Zul'Gurub and Ruins of Ahn Qiraj, to charge as soon as you are done with a pack, but the main reason a tank will be using this is for gaining rage, and considering you will be switching stances back to Defensive, this will only be useful if you have points in Tactical Mastery, your bloodrage is on cooldown, and you are low on rage.

# Mocking Blow: Excellent ability to use if you find yourself in a problem and taunt has been resisted. You can macro it or find one of many mods that will le t you "macro" it. Switch to Battle stance, use Mocking Blow, go back to Defensive, hit stuff, hold aggro. Six seconds of having the mob facing you as opposed to 3 from taunt. It even deals damage, the only downside is that it can be blocked, parried, dodged, etc. and it has a two minute cooldown. Save for emergencies.

# Thunder Clap: An OT's must-remember-to-use ability. This ability will slow the mob's attack speed by 10% for 30 seconds, which helps slightly against spike damage and also saves healer's mana. This skill is not all that frequently used since most warriors enjoy being in Berserker stance and only going on Battle stance for Overpower, so a designated OT has to cover this as well as they can.

Berserker Stance required:

# Berserker Rage: This skill owns. Yes, for tanking too. Not only do you need Berserker rage for several fights in the game such as Onyxia or Nefarian (some of us don't have dwarf priests even if we aren't Horde), but popping it right before engaging a mob and being low on rage or having no rage at all is quite great. This skill will give you extra rage for damage taken, and people often forget about it. Will be even greater once Blizzard fixes Anger Management/Stuck in combat for popping bloodrage.

# Execute: Okay, it's a Battle Stance skill too, but since it's in the fury spellbook, I'll list it here. So you say you're a tank, fine, that's great. So am I. This doesn't mean that if a fight doesn't require a lot of healing and the damage can spike a lot (like Nefarian) you can not use execute to help your raid. After all, you are the one getting hit and getting the most rage out of all your mates, so why not use execute for a while? It's going to depend a lot on the situation, and probably has less use in a 40man than a 20man or blue instance, but the option to use it is there, and if you think you can do it and that it will help, go for it. If you aren't completely sure though, don't do it, after all you may only save one person or two by helping the fight end faster, if any at all. Be careful with this! (personally I don't really use it, but the chance is there, mostly in 20mans).

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