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Warrior Tank Guid:Talents

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Fury Talents:

Before going into the talents themselves, there are some good talents in this build which will help you maintain more threat. The problem with fury is, that it needs gear to work well, and to tell you the truth, when you're tanking you're also trying to mitigate damage. Enrage should never pop on you, you shouldn't get critted. Your critical strikes will be around 10%, so Flurry won't trigger that much ( Sunder Armor can't even crit either, although white hits can). Death Wish is a difficult card to play and won't be useful in all situations, because again, you're trying to mitigate as well as maintain threat. Personally, I will stay Protection for tanking, it offers more mitigation, and someone skilled can hold threat perfectly with a Protection build.

# Cruelty: Increases your critical strikes by 1% per point. Very nice even for a tank, because not all that you'll be doing is mitigating damage, you need to hold aggro as well. This is not a breaking talent, you can pass on it and I've used builds that didn't have it in and worked just fine, but that's because Skill > Talent Build. IT is a nice bump, and those crits will help every now and then, not to mention that they will give you extra rage, so I'd use it.

# Improved Demoralizing Shout & Unbridled Wrath: If you decide to go deeper in the tree, whatever you pick, Unbridled Wrath or this, it won't matter much. This, I guess, would be the mitigating talent, and Unbridled the Threat talent, but the bonuses of each are quite slim, so you won't notice huge differences whichever you pick. Unbridled can give you an extra point of rage for the start of fights if it triggers, which can be quite useful at those points, but that's about it.

# Piercing Howl: Causes all enemies near the warrior to be dazed for 6sec. Useful for certain fights, like Razorgore, depending on the strategy of your guild. I don't have this anymore and I don't really miss it, but it's not a bad talent.

Protection Talents:

# Shield Specialization: I would put all 5 points on this if I were going strong for Protection. This is a great talent, increases your block by 5% and giving you a rage point every time you block, which also translates into a "Power Gain" that gives 5 unmodified threat per block is very, very nice. On top of that you need it for your point in Improved Shield Spec.

# Anticipation: Great mitigation talent again, 10 defense without needing to use gear to obtain is a nice extra. Refer to the second section of this guide or the Mitigation section to find out more about Defense and it's goodies.

# Toughness: Armor is always nice, reducing the damage of incoming hits, this would give you an extra 10% bonus, so it's worth picking up. I would not consider it vital though.

# Iron Will: Okay, this talent is interesting, probably worth more in the PvP world. It's 15% is not enough to rely on, but how many of us have lost hunters when those Wyrms in BWL stunned us? In any case, I don't believe it's worth picking up considering the limited amount of talent points we have, and seriously, who cares about hunters anyway?

# Improved Bloodrage: This is no longer an useless talent as of 1.11! It will now give 5 extra rage at 2 points which is an excellent upgrade to the ability, 5 extra rage beig a whole world at the beginning of any fight.

# Last Stand: This is an awesome talent and a life saver. It'll increase your HP by 30% and heal you for 30% for 20 seconds. If things are going wrong, it is an excellent talent to have. It isn't game breaking, but three points to get to it is probably worth it, your healers are not always available, and seriously, I use this a lot even when healers are fine. Stuff can always go wrong and this could make the difference.

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