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Warrior Tank Guid

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   For most of the new players in the World of Warcraft, the importance of the raiding is unclear. Let us take this as example. Raiding is like a football game. It is better to compare it with a game of football. Raiding is all about team coordination - the raid leader is the quarterback, calling the shots, your damage dealers are your receivers and runners, and your tanks are the offensive linemen that take the hits to keep the ball in play and moving forward. The analogy isn't perfect when you consider healers, since the sort of injuries acquired in a football game don't generally need powerful magic to mend.

Tank, in particular for the main tank, its goal in the World of Warcraft is singular - to take the hits so the rest of the team doesn't have to. In fact, in most raid situations, tanks are the only characters that can take more than a single hit from most enemy bosses.

Main Tanking:
Basically, the "Tank" job, you will be directly responsible for the security of your group, through mitigation, positioning, and making sure to hold enough threat so that other players in your raid can do as much damage as they can without getting aggro. Truth must be said, sometimes this position is quite wanted by some people in order to gain a kind of "fame" or "respect". If you intend to do this job, leave that aside, and concentrate on doing your job the best that you can for your group.

The MT's job can be quite stressful as well, and is probably one of the jobs that will you make hate this game if you weren't "born" for it. You must be active and vigilant throughout the whole instance, if it's a raid it can take several hours, and you cannot go away for a minute without warning, because people will die due to that. A rogue can go away a moment without telling anyone and most of the time no one will find out, you, on the contrary, go away a moment and everyone will know you were not on the ball. Yes, the job sounds scary, but you decided to take the responsibility.

Off Tanking:
Okay, not as bad as the Main tank, but you still have quite some responsibility, especially if the MT decides to stop living and wants to play with the worms on the floor. I often find myself with OTs that are not doing what I believe is a secondary part of tanking, but rather doing DPS. This is a misconception of the job, although it is true at the same time. An Off Tank on the same target as the MT is trying to build threat on it, so that in the case that the MT dies, he will be holding threat.

But that's not it! A Main Tank is in defensive and can hardly move away from it. It is the OT's job to Thunder Clap the target (an excellent skill many times not used wow gold), since it must be done in Battle Stance, or in some rare cases where the Mob is positioned in such a way that it's too far away from the Main Tank, yet the Main Tank is hitting him, and he can't use Demoralizing Shout, then you'll have to provide that as well. If you have been entitled with this position, then remember you are the Main Tank's mate, and he relies on you for certain things he can't do. Help him in the best of your abilities, his job is hard enough as it is.



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