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Warrior Tank Guid

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   It is undeniable that there are three classes have the ability to be raid tanks in the World of Warcraft such as Warrior, Druid and Paladin. Each class has its own unique flavor and mechanics that excel at different facets of the raid tanking game. Here we will mainly talk about the Warrior class, and it what it brings to the table for raid tanking.
   Originally when the game launched, Warriors are the veterans of the tanking game, thet were essentially the only class that could really get the job done. While this is no longer the case, there are still a lot of reasons to choose a Warrior as your main tank. The distinct edge that the Warrior carries over his tanking contemporaries is his superior mitigation. Simply put, the Warrior is better at reducing incoming damage than the other tanks.
Besides their sturdy armor and shields, Warriors have access to a couple of "emergency buttons" that the other tanks simply don't. Last Stand grants the Warrior a short-term health boost to allow healers to catch up with incoming damage, and the potent Shield Wall reduces incoming damage to a minimum, allowing Warriors to survive the most brutal attacks.
Warriors are saddled with two primary disadvantages. One is that while they are superb at holding the attention of one monster, battles featuring swarms of enemies tend to overwhelm the Warrior, and some bad guys will inevitably break loose and attack healers or damage dealers. Another is that when a Protection-specialized Warrior isn't tanking, he's practically useless. The only other function he can provide is damage, and his damage output is frankly pathetic and almost negligible.
This combination of characteristics makes Warriors a great choice for a main tank for any raid group. Since the majority of boss encounters feature a single, super deadly enemy, put a high-mitigation Warrior on the front line to soak up the deadly blows while a secondary tank, a Druid or Paladin, can take care of smaller multitudes of monsters.
All in all the Warrior class is jam with abilities, so before deciding on a Warrior as the main tank for a raid, be sure he or she has the skill needed to play the class. An adept, well-geared Warrior as a main tank will help deal with hard hitting bosses sooner than other tanks can attempt them, making Warriors the premier tanks for focused raiding guilds.

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