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Warriors' Guild Overview

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The Warriors' Guild is only accessible to RuneScape Members. Please subscribe to get this feature.
Harrallak Menarous has founded a new guild for melee warriors after his numerous treks around the world. Strange devices for animating amour, huge catapults that fling missiles at you and dummies to test your Attack skills are just a few of the many things you can train on here.
Explore the guild and meet the staff while honing your melee skills and maybe you could earn enough tokens to enter the cage on the top floor.
The Warriors' Guild is a massive building located just west of Burthorpe. You can get to Burthorpe by using a charge on a gaming necklace, if you have one.
If you do not have a gaming necklace, you can always walk to Burthorpe. Burthorpe is located north of Taverley, which is a short walk north-west of Falador.
If you are coming from Catherby or the west, you will need to navigate over or under White Wolf Mountain to get to Burthorpe.
Only true warriors may enter this guild, so you will find that if your Attack and Strength levels do not add up to 130 or more, you will not be allowed to enter.
Recommended Items
As you will be participating in combat-related games, you will find that you take damage if unprepared. For this it is best to take good amour and weaponry. Please note that if you die in the Warriors' Guild, you will not retain your items.
Games of the Guild
There are many games to participate in at the Warriors' Guild, from which you can earn tokens. As well as this, there are many shops to buy items, food or potions, there is even a bank!
This massive guild has three floors which outlined below.
Ground floor
Lidio's food shop sells trout, bass, pizza, cheese potatoes and stew.
Lilly sells Attack, Strength and Defense potions for a very fair price.
First floor
The Armory on this floor has a large stock of battleaxes, swords, daggers, maces, two-handed swords, chainbody amour and medium helmets.
Top floor
This is what the Warriors' Guild is all about: earning your tokens so you can speak with Kamfreena and earn time and the right to enter the room containing the Cyclopes.
The Games
Animation room (ground floor)
How good is your amour? Would you be able to kill it? Find out when you use the amour animators to bring your amour to life! Hone your combat skills on these animated hunks of metal and earn tokens when you kill them.
As you are fighting your amour, there is a small chance of losing a piece, so make sure you only use items that you are willing to lose or can easily replace. The stronger the material you are fighting, the less chance there is that it will be destroyed.
To make your amour live, bring a full helm, platebody, and platelegs and use any piece with the animator. Make sure you only bring standard amour, as using other amour (trimmed, white, etc.) will not work. If you manage to defeat your amour, you can pick it up again, along with the tokens you earn for defeating it.
Dummy room (ground floor)
In this room you are required to test your abilities in attack styles. Dummies will appear and you will have to act quickly and choose the correct attack style in order to whack them successfully.
For each dummy you correctly hit, you will be awarded 15 Attack experience, as well as Warriors' Guild tokens. Be careful when you are attacking, if you get it wrong the effects can be stunning and you'll be the dummy!
There is a poster in the entrance room and in the room itself outlining what attack styles you will need to use on each dummy.
The dummies will popup randomly, but each style will always appear in the same place, so if you memories the location of each one, and each style needed to hit it, then you can quickly change styles to maximize your tokens.

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