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What's the Wintergrasp? Wintergrasp is the smallest zone in Northrend, bordered by Sholazar Basin, Icecrown, and Dragonblight. It is a PvP zone, which flags all players entering it for PvP. This isn't an issue on PvP servers, but on normal or RP servers, this makes everyone in the zone fair game. The great thing about Wintergrasp is that there are numerous battles throughout the day. It's the game's best mini-game, and I'm looking forward to seeing it get even more awesome as more and more players reach Level 80 and Blizzard makes improvements to the zone. There is no physical way to access Wintergrasp other than through a flying mount, creating a natural Level barrier of 77 although lower-level players can be summoned or take the portal from Dalaran.

This is your favorite zone in Wrath of the Lich King? Wintergrasp Keep is the structure North of the map, with siege workshops and graveyards to the East and West, as well as further down South. There are three towers South of the map that currently have no strategic advantage but confer bonus Honor when destroyed or defended. The Horde permanently controls a graveyard and flight path on the Northwest side while the Alliance have a counterpart on the Northeast.

Wintergrasp Keep has destructible walls and towers, with four towers labeled the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest. The Southern towers flank the Wintergrasp Fortress Gate, which is also destructible. The Keep itself has four partitions, not including the main sanctum. There's a frontal courtyard, an inner courtyard, and East and West areas that house the defender's factories. Within the inner sanctum itself is the Titan Relic, a huge sphere that players must attune to their faction, a channeled 10-second action similar to capping the flag in Arathi Basin.

Each faction has landing camps, permanent graveyards similar to the spawn points in Alterac Valley, and players on offense will only rezz there if their faction does not control any of Workshop graveyards, otherwise, they will rezz at the graveyard nearest to where they died. Wintergrasp is a no-fly zone and players flying over it will be dismounted within 10 seconds, usually with a parachute but sometimes without, ending in disaster. Both Alliance and Horde have direct routes to the River's Heart in Sholazar Basin, Crusader's Pinnacle in Icecrown, and Dalaran.

Currently, two kills will grant the rank of Corporal, while ten kills will grant the First Lieutenant rank. According to the 3.0.8 Patch Notes, Corporal will now take five Honorable Kills, while the former two kills will grant the rank of Recruit instead. Two are situated inside the keep and cannot be captured, and four are outside, the East and West Workshops, and the Eastspark and Westspark Workshops.

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