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WoW Instances Introduction

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Blackfathom Deeps [BFD] - Level 24-32 - Ashenvale
Blackrock Depths [BRD] - Level 52-60 - Blackrock Mountain
Blackrock Spire (LOWER) [LBRS] - Level 55-60 - Blakcrock Mountain
Blackrock Spire (UPPER) [UBRS] - Level 55-60 - Backrock Mountain
Blackwing Lair [BWL] - Level 60 - Blackrock Spire
The Deadmines [VC] - Level 17-26 - Westfall
Dire Maul (EAST) [DM] - Level 56-60 - Feralas
Dire Maul (NORTH) [DM] - Level 56-60 - Feralas
Dire Maul (WEST) [DM] - Level 56-60 - Feralas
Gnomeregan [Gnomer] - Level 29-38 - Dun Morogh
Maraudon [MARA] - Level 46-55 - Desolace
Molten Core [MC] - Level 60 - Blackrock Depths
Naxxramas [NAX] - Level 60 - Stratholme
Onyxia's Lair [ONYX] - Level 60 - Dustwallow Marsh
Ragefire Chasm [RFC] - Level 13-18 - Orgrimmar
Razorfen Downs [RFD] - Level 37-46 - The Barrens
Razorfen Kraul [RFK] - Level 29-38 - The Barrens
The Ruins Of Ahn'Qiraj [AQ20] - Level 60 - Silithus
Scholomance [Scholo] - Level 58-60 - Western Plaguelands
Shadowfang Keep [SFK] - Level 22-30 - Silverpine Forest
The Stockade [Stockade] - Level 24-32 - Stormwind City
Stratholme [STRAT] - Level 58-60 - Eastern Plaguelands
The Sunken Temple [ST] - Level 50-60 - Swamp Of Sorrows
The Temple Of Ahn'Qiraj [AQ40] - Level 60 - Silithus
Uldaman [ULDA] - Level 41-51 - Badlands
Wailing Caverns [WC] - Level 17-24 - The Barrens
Zul'Farrak [ZF] - Level 44-54 - Tanaris
Zul'Gurub [ZG] - Level 60 - Stranglethorn Vale

The Scarlet Monastery
The Scarlet Monastery is a dungeon made up of four separate instances: The Graveyard, The Library, The Amory, and The Cathedral. These last two require the Scarlet Key, which can be found in the Library. 
The entrance to the Scarlet Monastery is located in the northeast corner of Tirisfal Glades, deep in the heart of Horde territory. For Horde characters, the entrance is an easy walk (or ride) from the The Undercity. Alliance characters have a harder time getting there. Most choose to travel from Southshore, north to the Dalaran, swim Lordamere Lake, and then northeast to the instance, careful to stay far away from the Undercity guards. Some prefer to fly into Chillwind Point and travel through the Western Plaguelands, past the Bulwark and north to the instance. Although shorter, this route is more dangerous.
The western blue portal takes you to the Library. Inside you'll find a hallway with a several types of Scarlet Crusade mobs. The key to sucessfuly running this instance, like elsewhere in the Scarlet Monastery, is controlling runners. All the humaniods in the Scarlet Monastery run when they are low on health. The mobs are densely packed and one runner can easily add three or four more.
The west arch of the courtyard leads to another hallway, with more followers of the Scarlet Crusade. At the end of this hall is the book "Beginnings of the Undead Threat" needed for the Horde quest Test of Lore.
Before the start of the third war, the Dwarves of Ironforge, led by the Bronzebeard clan, began to take a new interest in their ancient history. After a decree from King Magni Bronzebeard, numerous expeditions - several led by his brothers Muradin and Brann - put the dwarven affinity for mining to a different use: Archaeology. In an effort to learn more about their origins, numerous dwarven dig sites began appearing over Khaz Modan and even further afield. Located in the forbidding Badlands of Khaz Modan, the ruins of Uldaman were unearthed. But the dwarves also uncovered something they were not expecting - troggs! With the noises from the digging, as well as sounds of pitched battle echoing through the caverns, another unexpected surprise awoke. Ancient dwarven precursors known as 'Earthen' began to rise and join the struggles of dwarves and troggs.
The Temple of Atal'Hakkar
There have been several dark periods in the history of the troll race. But none so dark as the time of Hakkar the Soul-flayer. The ancient Blood god was summoned to assist the trolls in regaining their power over the world. But as their empire grew, the trolls realized that they had made a terrible mistake in summoning Hakkar back from exile. At the cost of their now regained empire, not to mention countless troll lives, the trolls managed to reinforce the exile that was placed upon Hakkar. However, one tribe, the Atal'ai, fought bitterly against their one time allies. Convinced that the source of their power was Hakkar, they secretly plotted to resummon Hakkar. Journeying to the north of the remnants of the Gurubashi Empire, the Atal'ai built a temple to Hakkar. The great dragon of the green dragonflight Ysera, discovered their plans and caused a great earthquake to drown the temple in the Swamp of Sorrows in an attempt to prevent the summoning. While the ritual was interrupted, the Atal'ai were not destroyed, and still inhabit the depths of the temple. Ysera set her dragonkin to guard the upper reaches of the temple to protect against the next attmept.

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