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WoW Instances Introduction

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The second largest human city in Lordaeron, matched only by the capital, Stratholme was the base of key oil refineries in the Second War. In its glory days this jewel of humanity's largest and proudest nation housed more than 20,000 people, and included many well known buildings, from the glorious keep to Fras Siabi's famous tobacco shop. The city's population was almost completely massacred by Arthas, who thought the only way of keeping the plagued (but not yet turned) citizens out of the hands of Mal'Ganis was by purging (killing) them; the majority of the survivors left with Jaina Proudmoore. When Arthas was called back to Northrend, the lich overlord Kel'Thuzad established Stratholme as his capital and positioned his fortress, the Necropolis Naxxramas, above the ruined city.
Today, the city is split between the overzealous Scarlet Crusade led by Grand Crusader Dathrohan, and the Scourge forces led by the death knight Baron Rivendare.
Eastern Kingdoms
Many dangerous dungeons can be found scattered over the length and breadth of the Eastern Kingdoms, from the haunted Plaguelands in the north to the teeming jungles of Stranglethorn in the south. Here is a brief overview of these perilous places.
The Deadmines
Located in the once bountiful plains of Westfall in Azeroth, the Deadmines have a tumultuous history. Exploited by the marauding Orcs in the First Great War, these dank caverns are now populated by the murderous Defias Brotherhood and their hirelings, lead by the notorious Edwin Van Cleef. With their plan to overthrow the kingdom of Azeroth by infiltrating and corrupting the city of Stormwind nearing fruition, the Defias are entering the final phases and becoming more and more brazen with their opertions by the day. The People's Militia of Westfall are preoccupied with defending their homes from the Defias and have sent out a cry for help to Stormwind for any and all assistance possible.
Shadowfang Keep
During the Scourge Invasion of the Third War, many different tactics were employed to try to advance the march of the Scourge. Many mages and wizards employed daring and unconvential methods to try to halt the invasion. Once such person, a brilliant archmage of Dalaran named Arugal determined that no force on Azeroth could combat the Lich King's Undead. To those ends, Arugal opened a rift to another world and summoned the Worgen, vicious lupine humanoids, to combat the ever-growing threat of the Scourge. The Worgen, however, made no distinction between friend and foe, and slaughtered all in their path, undead and human alike. Driven to madness by the abject destruction of his friends and family, Arugal 'adopted' the Worgen as his new family. He now haunts the ruined halls of Shadowfang Keep - where the ghosts of its slain inhabitants haunt him - while the 'Sons of Arugal' prowl the surrounding forest.
The Stockade
No city is without its seedy underbelly, and the proud city of Stormwind is no exception to this rule. Located deep under the canals and streets of Stormwind lurks the Stockade, the dungeon where society's miscreants are imprisoned for various crimes against civilization and humanity. Some of the deadliest and most deranged of society's castoffs can be found in the dank cells of the Stockade, recently populated by those of the Defias Brotherhood unlucky enough to be captured. Recently however, the balance of power has shifted and the brave guards of the Stockade are fighting a losing battle to keep the evil within imprisoned. It is also beginning to appear that those criminals leading the riots in the Stockade were wrongly spared the executions that are warranted for their crimes.
Gnomeregan is a mid-level instance located in northwestern Dun Morogh. It is unique in that it possesses a friendly NPC section inside the dungeon itself, including vendors, guards, a repair station, some new quests and even a mailbox, though some features are only available to Alliance players.
Located in Dun Morogh, the technological wonder known as Gnomeregan has been the gnomes' capital city for generations. Recently, a hostile race of mutant troggs infested several regions of Dun Morogh - including the great gnome city. In a desperate attempt to destroy the invading troggs, High Tinker Mekkatorque ordered the emergency venting of the city's radioactive waste tanks. Several gnomes sought shelter from the airborne pollutants as they waited for the troggs to die or flee. Unfortunately, though the troggs became irradiated from the toxic assault - their siege continued, unabated. Those gnomes who were not killed by noxious seepage were forced to flee, seeking refuge in the nearby dwarven city of Ironforge. There, High Tinker Mekkatorque set out to enlist brave souls to help his people reclaim their beloved city. It is rumored that Mekkatorque's once-trusted advisor, Mekgineer Thermaplugg, betrayed his people by allowing the invasion to happen. Now, his sanity shattered, Thermaplug remains in Gnomeregan, furthering his dark schemes and acting as the city's new techno-overlord.

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