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WoW Paladin Guide: Basics

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Increases your health points. This is critical for Paladins since our battles are generally long and drawn out due to our low DPS.

1 Stamina = 10 Health points

Increases your mana pool and your critical hit chance with spells. It also increases the speed at which you earn weapon skill points.

1 Intellect = 15 Mana

Spirit raises your health and mana regeneration rate. While it is noticeable at higher levels of spirit, it takes a significant number of points in this to regain mana quickly enough that you will not want to stop and drink to gain it back.

4 Spirit = 1 Mana regenerated every 2 seconds

Agility increases the following: attack power with ranged weapons, armour, critical hit chance and your chance to dodge attacks. The ranged weapon bonus is meaningless to Paladins as we can not use ranged weapons. The armour bonus is also relatively small for Paladins since we can use plate armour. The main reason to boost agility is for the critical hit %.

2 Agility = 1 Arm or point
40 Agility = +1% to Critical hit at level 80
40 Agility = +1% to Dodge at level 80

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