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WoW Paladin Guide: How to Play a Retadin

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I then fight through the opponent with the following combination:

Repentance - Used from a distance so that you can close and get the first hit in.
Judgment of the Crusader - For extra holy damage
Seal of Command - To cause additional Holy damage per hit
Crusader Strike
Add in Consecration (if you have lots of mana) and Exorcism (if fighting demons or undead)
Hammer of Justice
Judge Seal of Command
Repeat Crusader Strike and Judgment of Command until almost dead
Hammer of Wrath if fleeing
At this point you go through the seal of command - crusader strike - hammer of justice - judge seal of command combo until the enemy is dead or until you need healing at which point you have other options. You can bubble, repentance or stun then and then bandage or heal as required. Also you could bring seal of light or wisdom into the fight to regain health or mana as required.

If you are in a PvE situation against undead or demons, don't forget to bring in exorcism as well.

Things to avoid

Avoid multiple combats of the same level or higher if you can. You have much lower armor than you do with a shield equipped and do not have any multiple target attacks.
Using potions or bubbles to early. Save them and try to use seal of wisdom or light instead. My favorite is to judge seal of light and then use seal of wisdom, then when the SoW is almost expired, reverse them. Continue this mixed with heals until you are at full mana and health.
Ignoring some of your stats. Don't focus on just one thing or you're cheating yourself
Fast low damage weapons! Even though they often display higher dps rates, they do not factor in how your abilities work. Stick with the weapon that has the highest maximum damage.

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