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WoW Profession Guide - World of Warcraft Character Professions

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In World of Warcraft, characters can take professions and have to level it up in their WoW career.  There are different types of profession and is classified in two: primary and secondary.  There are nine primary professions and a player can take two primary professions at a time.  The primary professions are further classified in to three types: gathering, productions and services.  This WoW profession guide will give a brief introduction into the different professions available for World of Warcraft players to help decide which they want to take most.

Primary Professions


Herbalism – this profession will allow players to collect herbs all across the world.  Herbs are usually used for alchemy to create potions although it can also be used for trade skills. As of the Burning Crusade expansion, some monsters can also be harvested for herbs.

Mining – this profession gives you the chance to mine stones, ores and minerals from resource nodes.  The raw materials that are gathered by miners are used for crafting jewels, creating armors and explosives.  Before a player could mine, they need to have a mining pick in their inventory.

Skinning – this profession is focused on gathering hides, leather and scales from different monsters in the game. Not all mobs can be skinned and some may fail so players need to paly attention on the color code of the monster. Red means the monster cannot be skinned. Orange means skinning may fail while yellow means the chance of failure is less. Green and gray should almost never fail. The materials gathered through skinning are used by Blacksmiths, tailors and engineers.


Alchemy – alchemists are responsible for creating potions, elixirs, flasks, cauldrons and other items that are used to get different effects like healing, elemental resistance and mana regeneration. Alchemists use herbs which only herbalists can gather.


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