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WoW Tank Pet Guides

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   WoW tank pet guides draws near in a few days. It consists of Bears, Boars, Crabs, Gorillas, Tallstriders and Turtles and so on. The detailed information are as follows:
   First of all, bears are a classic tank choice. The ability to learn both bite and claw means they can generate more hate than their low base DPS suggests, and there's nothing you can carry that they won't eat. They're also available at pretty much every level of the game, making them easy to pick up at any time. Their main weakness is the lack of Dash, and they're still waiting on a defining ability. Also, if you care about that sort of thing, their animations are pathetic. No idles, no sitting, and their jaws never close. Go ask a druid friend to take his form, and get a look at his face. Yeah, bears look like that.
   Then, boars are the fast tank. Both charge and dash let them pick up the pace to catch or pre-empt an opponent, and the AP bonus from charge can provide a nice opener. There's a lot to be said for a pet who can root your foe anywhere you want. Their broad diet is another nice plus. And if you want a unique pet, boars are completely unique among beasts for their medium-high armor and medium-high health. Auzduk would also like me to remind you that boars have more idle animations than average and generally show a fair amount of personality, comparable to tallstriders, wolves or cats (although like most pets, they don't have a swimming animation.
   As follows, crabs are rare, but have a few things to recommend them. They hold their own well in a fight with Claw and moderate DPS. They're very easy to feed if you like fishing, and they have a low profile making them easier to see over in combat. Plus they're huge at 60, which is kind of nifty to see. Their low health makes them less effective defensively against casters, though, and they suffer from a lack of distinctive abilities and relative world rarity.
   To some extent, Gorillas are a late-level pet, not showing up until STV. They're unusually good tanks due to their AoE and medium DPS, and can often hold a group of mobs against a Volley or Multishot. They also have more animations than average, which annoys some and pleases others. Con-wise, their diet is a pain in the ass, but the biggest drawback IMO? You can't tame A-Me, the quest robot gorilla in Un'Goro.
Tallstriders have a couple of interesting variations. There are two unique skins, the bright pink flamingo-like Mazzranache of Mulgore and the blue and orange Clutchmother in Darkshore. People may warn you off Mazz, but it means they missed the last patch - he used to have a slower-than-normal pursuit speed, but pet pursuit has been normalized so have no fear about picking him up.
The key to the tallstrider is dash. They're fast and durable, with medium DPS to keep the attention of your enemies. They also have some neat idle animations and some bright, attractive skins. On the flip side, they suffer from an annoying diet and a lack of a family ability.
Turtles are durable, and shell shield gives them that last extra bit of life against a particularly brutal opponent or when you need them to off-tank for just a few seconds more (although if you're going to use that skill, please wait until 1.10. Trust me). And who doesn't love to say "chelonian"? But there are a few things to keep in mind. Turtles are bigger than you think they are, and can block your view, and though their listed DPS isn't meaningfully lower than a scorpid's or a boar's, they don't have charge or poison to make up the difference. This means they can have trouble keeping a mob's attention, especially if you use shell shield.

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