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World of Warcraft: Echoes of Doom (PC)

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In an ongoing push to make raid content more accessible to more people (exemplified by moving Naxxramas to Northrend), Blizzard is drastically changing the way party and group buffs work. Instead of being applied to parties, many class buffs will now apply raid-wide. They're also being arranged into 30-or-so "categories" with only the most powerful ones in each category being applied to the raid. The idea behind this is to lessen the specific class make-up required for high-end raids and provide more viability for different class mixes. A new "Agro Warning" meter will indicate how much hate your character is building up. Raid and guild leaders will also appreciate the new ease in scheduling raid and guild events through the new in-game scheduling calendar, a UI function previously available in WoW only through third-party downloads. (See our coverage of raid shifts from the the Blizzcon 2008 Raid panel).

The remainder of the large changes mostly fall into the realm of new things to do and new places to go. The new "Inscription" crafting system has been introduced, which will allow players to craft a variety of powerful scrolls. Stormwind Harbor has opened up in the northwestern portion of the Alliance capitol, where players can check out the boats that will eventually take them to Northrend. The much-anticipated Achievement system is now live, and while many of the new achievements will be impossible to complete until Wrath of the Lich King goes live, some of the "old world" achievements (such as the one to kill all the major pre-TBC raid bosses or to get all the keys in the game) might get some traffic to places like Molten Core and Blackrock Spire that haven't seen much use in a while.

On a lighter note, players will be able to get their own "extreme makeovers" for their avatars in new barbershops and can welcome new bag spots as a pet tab removes mounts and vanity pets from inventory forever. As always, We will continue to cover changes to World of Warcraft leading to the launch of Wrath of the Lich King.


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