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World of Warcraft Fishing Guide

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   Fishing is one of secondary skills in World of Warcraft. These fish can be eaten raw (yuck), cooked (yummy), or can be used in certain other professions such as Alchemy. It's a useful skill and anyone with any kind of patience can truly enjoy fishing. Fishing only depends on your successful catches and has nothing to do with the area where you are fishing. If you want to know where to fish and what to expect from fishing there, you may visit the WoW fishing guide for a full table listing.

Where to Start
There are fishing trainers found throughout the game. More than likely you will find one in the second town you come upon after you create a new charcter. After you train fishing, you will be able to fish in almost any body of water, be it lake, river, ocean, or pond. Some fishing areas require higher levels of fishing, but they are also found in higher level zones.

As a secondary skill, fishing occupies its own unique space in World of Warcraft. Although it is essentially a gathering skill to skinning, herbalism, or mining, the mechanics of the skill make it almost like a mini-game. Just like the real-life equivalent, to become a master fisherman you'll have to spend considerable time standing next to bodies of water while holding a fishing pole. Catching a fish will be a test of your reaction time, as you have to right-click the bobber immediately after you see it dip into the water indicating you've caught something.
First of all, you need to find a fishing trainer. Usually fishing trainers are located next to a lake or stream. If you see an NPC standing near the water, he's likely a fishing trainer or merchant. Ask around and people can help lead you to the fishing trainer. Once you have learned fishing, you need to go find yourself a fishing pole!
Secondly, you need to go buy a fishing pole after you have trained in fishing. Fishing poles can be purchased from merchants who sell items required for Professions ("trade merchants"). Ask other people where to find one, if you need help. After using your initial Fishing Pole, you can find better ones out there in the world. Check the Auction House for poles.
Thirdly, find a merchant who sells bait. Typically, this vendor will be a "trade merchant". You can then use this bait to raise your fishing skill so that you have an easier time catching fish. Bait wears off after a period of time, so you must continue to reapply it. You can buy better bait for higher bonuses to fishing. You will need Aquadynamic Fish Attractors for the highest level fishing areas. These can be created by Engineers.
Fourthly, you will now need to equip the fishing pole. Place it in your main weapon hand. If you have both a main weapon and a secondary shield, you will need to remove both before equipping the fishing pole.
Equip your fishing pole and open up your abilities menu. You will now find a new icon for fishing (or its associated hot key). Drag it over to your action bar.
In part fishing skill determines your chance of being successful at catching a fish. It does not determine what type of fish you find; nor does it allow you to unlock special items besides allowing you to fish in more difficult areas. If you are able to catch fish most of the time or all of the time then your fishing skill is high enough.
To become a master fisherman and have a maximum skill of 375, you need to buy a copy of "Master Fishing - The Art of Angling" from Juno Dufrain at Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh. Raising your fishing skill in Outland is similar to that in Azeroth, where each region has progressively more difficult fish to catch based on the average level of the enemies there. One factor that you should take into account when picking a fishing spot is the type of fish you can catch there - different fish can be cooked into recipes that have various effects when consumed.
Raising your fishing skill from 300 to 375 won't be done quickly. You will need multiple successful catches to gain a skill point. It might behoove you to take breaks and spread out your fishing rather than trying to raise it all in one long haul. Make sure you have on your best fishing gear, including the all-important fishing lures.

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