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World of Warcraft's New Arenas Detailed (PC)

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The Dalaran Sewers is one of the smallest arenas yet, but it still manages to introduce some unique mechanics. First off, players start off the match in elevated pipes that lead to the combat zone. If you stay in the pipes too long after the preparation period ends, a flood of water will spit you out and into the arena, making it so that you can't just sit back and watch the battles unfold from relative safety.

No mounts are allowed in this arena either, eliminating the possibility of facing a well-coordinated mounted assault, but possibly giving an edge to Druids and Shamans with their travel forms.

The central area features a single line-of-sight obstruction that only comes into play periodically. The circular grate in the center of the Dalaran Sewers arena will likely be where much of the action takes place, as teams try to capitalize on the effect that the pillar of streaming water will have on each battle. The water will block line of sight, but it also serves as a form of area denial, pushing back any player who gets too close. A set of opposing stacks of crates nearby will also provide cover, but not very much of it. The central staging area of the arena is a raised platform, with staircases leading up on either side. The two new arenas share a few core philosophies. (wow gold)They both have relatively simple layouts and they both introduce dynamic line-of-sight mechanics that are a big change from the fixed pillars and other line-of-sight obstructions from the existing arena set. The forthcoming fifth Arena season should be made more interesting by the change in scenery.


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