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Wrath Of The Lich King Daily Quests

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 In Wrath of the Lich King, daily quests are back with all sorts of new options at your disposal. While the Burning Crusade daily quests were few and far between, only available at level 70 and required a flying mount for most of them, Wrath of the Lich King opens them up quite a bit for anyone in Northrend to enjoy.
With the time goes by, you will have many more daily quests to choose from and will be able to access them as early as level 68. For the most part, the players will probably opt not to take any daily quests when they are still leveling up because they are repetitive and there are so many new quests out there to play instead, but once you have started on your second character in Northrend you may change your tune and decide to do otherwise.
To give you an idea of the gold rewards for the quests, you will get between three or four gold for each daily quest at level 70 and about 14 gold for daily quests at level 80, though there is talk that this number will be increased. Additionally, all daily quests before you reach Level 80 will reward various amounts of experience to coincide with your boosts.
To be honest, we feel pretty safe in saying that this isn't one of the most designed quests. It's a basic bombing quest, except they seem to have forgotten all the lessons they might have learned from previous bombing quests in Ogri'la and Quel'danas.
First of all, you have to bomb the ships from a zeppelin instead of a personal flying mount that makes its rounds every few minutes, so you have to wait for it dock before beginning the quest. Secondly, the pirates and ships you have to bomb are scattered very far apart, often hidden by icebergs until the last moment, and don't seem to respawn very fast. All of this adds up to making the quest somewhat of an exercise in frustration solo.
This is a Wrath of the Lich King daily quest where you want to try to convince a friend or the random stranger who wants to do the daily at the same time as you to group up. Once you do, you can post people at different sides of the boat, ready to toss their bombs. Everyone will get credit, you can cover more ground and bomb more pirates, and you should be able to make the quest with one pass, something that feels nigh impossible if you're soloing it.
The Wrath of the Lich King daily quest itself gives Valiance Expedition reputation as a reward, which feeds into Alliance Expedition reputation. It's probably a wotlk daily quest you can technically skip, but if you're a rep junkie, this is probably one of the best ways to get the rep, as long as you look for another rep junkie to help you get through the ordeal.
At length, there are four different kinds of new Daily quests in Wrath of the Lich King we want to talk about them to you.
Reputation Daily Quests will allow you to boost your reputation with numerous different factions without going about it the hard way.
Instance Daily Quests allow you to get gold for normal difficulty and Badges of Heroism for Heroic Instances.
While this isn't necessarily new the volume and breadth of them is now much greater. There are now numerous different types of PvP daily quests that can be done in Wintergrasp and beyond.
Profession Daily Quests are now available to gain tokens which can be spent to help you buy top profession related items and new recipes that are hard to get otherwise.
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