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Wrath of The Lich King:Dungeon and Raid Guide

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 Wrath of the Lich King features some changes over the Burning Crusade. Most of the changes cover the specific purpose of allowing greater accessibility to more players, so that the new content doesn't fall into the old trap of only being done by a small percentage of the player base.
Prior to, there will be 12 five man Instances, each with a heroic version of the same instance and then 3 Raids, each raid with a 10 or 25 man versions. More Raids will come out a few months after the expansion is released, similar to how Black Temple, Sunwell, Zul'Aman and Caverns of Time Raids were released after the Burning Crusade came out.
You should get to know that all 5 man dungeons can be done in "Normal" or "Heroic" mode. Heroic versions of all dungeons have their own loot tables. All 5 man instances are aimed at being cleared in 1 hour.
Blizzard is on record saying that "Heroic instances were too hard" so it is assumed that Heroics will be a bit easier in Wrath of the Lich King. Raids can be done in either "Normal" or "Heroic" mode, Normal being 10 man and Heroic being 25 man.
Both 10 and 25 man raids have separate loot tables, the 25 man versions are a full tier higher than the 10 man versions. And 10 and 25 man raids are on separate timers (even for the same raid). There is a Spirit Shard type player-versus-player system for all 5 man instances and raids, based on Wintergrasp PvP rewards.
There are new raid scenarios similar to Zul'Aman timed events. Most of the Raids are non-linear, so you can pick and choose which boss you wish to do and in what order.
Then, you should bear this thing in mind that you need to know is that Blizzard has reworked the class system for instances and raids to be role based, not specifically class based. This means that instead of being required to take a specific Tank Class, you are required to take a Tank. What is a tank? Any properly geared, talented and played Warrior, Paladin, Death Knight or Druid. You are not pigeon holed into a particular class, though obviously some classes may offer benefits over other classes, but that will change based on the encounter. Blizzards goal is to make all classes equal at their specific roles and yes, there will no doubt be plenty of balance patches that tweak this further.
This change is done, so raid leaders don't need to worry about the specific class as much. What they need to worry about is the specific role and that the player coming along is effective. This means that provided the player is good, a healing role can be perfectly filled by a Druid, Priest or Paladin and so on. Here the benefit is that if you can't find a Priest but can find a Paladin, then you are good to go.
In effect, they don't want people to scrap raids in that specific classes are unavailable, when somebody else can fill their role. This gives greater latitude for people to group up and raid.
It draws from the direct comments that Blizzard developers have made and said that things will be somewhat easier to certain extent, at least in 10 man versions. In the short term Blizzards goal is to allow more players to experience the content and obviously, aiming content at the best makes it virtually impossible for the average player. It's hard to say exactly how all of this will pan out, but it is safe to assume that Blizzard is tired of making tons of content that most people never see and that progression will be much greater for people than it ever has been before.

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