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Zul'Drak Zone

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   Zul'Drak is a zone that's apparently one giant troll city. Although some people don't seem to love it much, presumably everyone needs to know how to get around, so let's get into the flight paths. All the hubs in Zul'Drak are neutral (generally Argent Crusade-aligned). But it is necessary for us to introduce the Zul'Dark at first.

The entire zone of Zul'Drak is a built-up area, the ruins of the Ice Trolls' empire. The zone is on the Eastern coast of Northrend and borders with Crystalsong Forest, Grizzly Hills and Dragonblight.
The Evil Ice Trolls, which are hostile to both the Horde and Alliance, are also fighting the Scourge, and the undead presence is evident in the instance on the border with Grizzly Hills, Drak'Theron Keep. There is also a necropolis floating over the region.

The whole zone is one big town, but at the far North Eastern corner is Gundrak, which is also a raid instance where players will take on the leader of the Ice Trolls.

Players will face Ice Trolls and Scourge in this zone.

   To some extent Zul'Drak was the culprit of Troll civilization for milennia, since before the Sundering. They are among the first races in Northrend. According to the World of Warcraft RPG: Lands of Mystery, the Drakkari ice trolls are presumably the first trolls, and that some migrated south to the Eastern Kingdoms. Of course, that information is obscure since it is written from the point of view of Prospector Brann Bronzebeard.
   Thanks to your actions, the Scourge invades Zul'Drak in full force with a few Necropolises hovering at its footsteps and Drakuru leads the invasion as Overlord. You are marked by the Lich King. He wants you to serve him, and thus the Scourge makes sure you find a magical necklace meant to bound you as an Undead. To continue the storyline, you should go to Light's Breach in Zul'Drak and grab the quest titled: In Search Of Answers. This will lead you eventually to the Ebon Watch near the entrance to Zul'Drak (from the side of Crystalsong Forest). From this moment forth you will be fully immersed into one of the coolest storylines in Northrend in order to take Overlord Drakuru down.
Upon the completion of the quests provided by him, you obtain the group quest: Cleansing Drak'Tharon. You summon Drakaru into Drak'Tharon Keep to find out you have been fooled all along. Before you teleports-in Arthas the Lich King. You become witness of the betrayal of an entire race for the promise of power. Same as Dar'Khan betrayed the High Elves by revealing the secrets behind the defenses through Quel'Thalas, Drakuru sells the Drakkari Troll and the fate of Zul'Drak.
When you explore all of Zul'Drak you simply awe at the architecture and the time and detail Blizzard has put into it. The whole region is a ziggurat with smaller temple buildings spread out and divided in higher elevated platforms reached through stairs. The developers implemented some story progression that immerses the player into the evolving storyline. For example, when you play in Grizzly Hills, you do a long series of quests for a Drakkari Troll named Drakuru, who is prisoner at the camp near Granite Springs.
Typically light's Breach is where you start in ZD. Danica Saint at 32,75 handles the air traffic there.
Ebon Breach is the starting point for what is one of the best questline in the zone. In the zone, Argent Stand is one of the two major hubs. Gurric is the flight master, at 42,65.
Maaka (60,57) provides flights from Zim'Torga, which features a delicious Blessing of Kings-bot and some good questing.
Rafae is at the small camp near Gundrak (71,23), providing easy access to that instance.
More and more, we're starting to get into zones where you're likely to have your own flying mount, but we will press on through Sholazar, Storm Peaks, and Icecrown in the days ahead.

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