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Zul'Farrak Instance Guide

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Survived again? Excellent. Drink again. Be fast here. Talk to the little guy at the farmost left and ask him to blow open the door. He will run away and open a door. When they team is rdy talk to the commander of the NPCs and tell him that bilgewhizzle wants his divino-matic rod back. He will turn red and you then need to slay them. You can sheep 1 of them.
If you survived then be sure everyone loots the divino-matic rod from the commander. Done with that quest. Also if you are alliance you need to loot the medallion here from a mob.

More drops

If you managed to blow open the door you will see a long corridor leading upward. Go up the corridor clearing the 2 patrols. Inside the next place there are 4 snakes. 2 on each side and 2 bosses. Have your mage sheep 1 of the snakes. The other 3 will aggro as they are linked. Take aggro from him and assist your warrior on his target. Time to kill the bosses. Have your warrior tank 1 of them and your 2nd tank to offtank the other. Help your warrior kill his target and then turn to the other . Not that tuff a fight this one. Looting time again!


Time for the big boss fight. Go back down the corridor. Turn left and follow the corridor clearing the patrols. At the end of the corridor stop. Have your warrior pull mobs into the corridor where you finish them off. There are 2 patrols with 2 trolls and a basilisk. If you get them on you while fighting another group you are most likely wiped. Have your warrior pull around the left side. Clearing the left corner just around the corner from the corridor. Move your group here. Start pulling the mobs and bring them down. Be sure no one runs away and adds more target to you. 1 will be a named target Hydromancer Velratha. Kill him and he will drop the 2nd tablet. Quest complete. And the tiara of the deep. Quest complete. Clear all the way around the pool. When everything is cleared move your group to the south of the poll near the trigger to spawn gahz'rilla. Smash it. Gahz'rilla will spawn from the pool on the north side. Pretty standard fight again. Only thing he smashes people into the air so casters stay at max range all the time. Made it? Congratz. Quest complete.

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