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Death Knights FAQ:a Beta Tester

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After a lot of life-related absences, the "Death Knight of Sylvanas" has returned to answer your questions about Death Knights in the Wrath of the Lich King Beta. In this edition I'll open up the questions to also involve things that are Death Knight related without actually being about Death Knight's themselves.

let the questions begin
Q: When dual wielding and dual runeforging crusader do they stack? and is the Cinderglacier debuffs stackable dieseases too?
A: They do indeed stack... However to note, any effect which applies a disease will refresh that disease's duration probably in part due to the initiative to compact the amount of diseases Death Knights have on any 1 target at a time. So dual wielding disease-Runeforging is only minimally better. There are, in fact, additional Runeforging that have come out since my original article. There is now around 12 different Runeforging enchants, some of them based around only being enchantable on 1 handed weapons.

Q: How do you compare DK with other tanks (mainly warrior and pala). I know hat blizzard wanted to do, but do you really think DK will be able to MT raids?
A: In terms of a 5 man situation, Death Knights hold up remarkably well so far. While we haven't hit level 80 yet (supposedly level cap going up tonight) so far it seems Death Knights hold aggro rather well, even while adding comparible DPS to the group. To be honest, if you've played a warrior, in epics, doing a regular 5 man... and you just go ahead and wear Arena gear with a 2 hander and just hold aggro in berserker stance as a whirlwind of destruction... Death Knight tanking feels JUST like that. It doesn't FEEL like tanking, which makes it twice as good. As for main tanking raids... I'm sure some will be able to pull it off... but chances are, based on the previous design philosophy Blizzard has shown... Warriors will still be king of Boss-Tanking.

Q: How do we work on single and AoE tanking mobs?
A: In both regards Death Knights perform remarkably well. With the current build and a proper spec, Death Knights can hold aggro against people of whom are even geared above them. To this, in comparison, someone specced to DPS properly in Sunwell gear, was able to perform at a high level without pulling threat constantly during several of the instance runs I've done as a tank. With the various AE skills and spells at a Death Knight's disposal (some even listing a "High Threat" component), we handle AE tanking just as well, and dare I say it, better, than most paladins. (Note that this means liberal use of Howling Blast, Death and Decay, Blood Boil, Pestilence and talents. By FAR it is harder to AE tank as a Death Knight than a paladin, but by the numbers Death Knights can, in theory, do it better.)

Q: Do we need same tanking gear as prot warrior? Or there will be new loot only for DK?
A: Warriors and Death Knights will be sharing the same gear in most cases. This includes DPS and Tanking. The only exception to this is that Death Knights specialize in Parry, while Warriors specialize in Block. Plate and items with Block rating and values on them will be Warrior only, and items with Parry SHOULD be given priority to Death Knights... but we all know how that goes.

Q: Are Death Runes really worth it? I mean the only interest I have in using Death Runes is a rotation that puts out more dps. Is it more dps to use two Death Strikes then be able to chain together six Heart Strikes the next rotation, or are they just a waste of time?
A: Death Runes are useful for what they are... giving a universal rune for 1, perhaps 2 rotations. In certain cases there is a 100% chance for a rune to turn into a Death Rune, other talents only give a chance. It's the 100% Death Runes that you can count on in your rotations. For most Death Knight players, they will have 1 single rotation they will use over and over. The more advanced Death Knights will use variable rotations that may be 4-5 "Rotations" in length to maximize their runes, procs, diseases...etc. Timed properly, over the course of 2-3 "Rotations" a properly planned and timed Obliterate can cap off diseases about to expire, but the rune change would have to lead into new rotations..etc. My own opinion? Use the 100% chance Death Runes in your rotations... otherwise, I wouldn't even spec into them. Again, personal opinion.

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