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Death Knights FAQ:a Beta Tester

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Q: Which racial abilities do you think help the Death Knight benefits the most from?
A: This question is a matter of personal taste and PvE vs PvP... however, based on how things are now... Humans will no doubt be very popular, Perception, Sword Specialization and reputation increases (since Death Knights begin with no real reputations) will see them being very popular in both PvE and PvP. You will undoubtably see Gnomish Death Knights, but this will be as much to do with their Escape Artistry as it is the humor in being a tiny little ball of death with pink hair. Dwarves will make interesting tanks, but you are as likely to see a dodging Night Elf racial benefit a tank as much as Stone Form will. Horde side it becomes a great deal more seperate. For a true PvP "Caster Killer", Blood Elf Death Knights will be king. Arcane Torrent gives a Death Knight yet ANOTHER spell interupt... with so many, no caster is safe. For melee damage, Orcs will be king so long as there is a high level Axe to grind. For general PvP, the Forsaken may see overuse due to Will of the Forsaken and Shadow Resist. Tank Death Knights will be Tauren for obvious reasons.

Q: How does each talent tree hold up in pvp?
A: Reliable damage, with high burst damage, survivability and utility abilities has always been the key to PvP. In this respect Blood lacks, though has high staying power with it's healing abilities. The "Mark of Blood" ability in the Blood tree would give Death Knights something to toss in that troublesome Rogue who is going after a healer. The Blood Tree is however the lowest on my opinions for PvP. Second best would no doubt be Frost. While a tanking spec, it also has a great deal of slowing and buffing effects for your entire team. Increasing Haste (of you and your team), spell resistances (of you and your team), debuffing your enemies and AE damage will lend itself well to WoW PvP. In a tie, or perhaps a little ways ahead is the Unholy tree. With survivability and utility come great power. Debuffs (including some that reduce damage, increase damage taken..etc), AE Slowing effects (Desecration) that also boost your damage, lowered cooldowns and plenty of Death Runes for those unexpected moments... Unholy/Frost will no doubt be the combination for PvP players.

Q: And lastly, are there any more Death Knight class quests in the higher levels or have they yet to be implemented?
A: To be honest, this is where I am disappointed. As soon as you leave the Death Knight starting instance you are treated as simply just any other character. You have no class quests, no one treats you differently, and the Death Knight NPCs you encounter still feel the need to explain that they are a Death Knight, and they uses Runes as their power and that this is their Runeblade...etc, despite the fact that you actually saved that NPC's life in the basement of a Scarlet Crusader base during the Death Knight starter quest, and fought next to him as one of Mograine's chosen Death Knights at Light's Hope Chapel. I truely hope that this is simply a symptom of Beta and will be changed in the "Polishing" section of the Beta.

Q: BTW what spell is "Demand" because I dont see it in the spell book! It's under the talent Unholy Command "Reduces the cooldown of your Death Grip ability by 10 sec and the cooldown of your Demand ability by 2 sec."
A: Demand is the replacement for Blood Boil. While the ability "Blood Boil" does exist, it lost it's Taunt mechanic. Demand is a similar ability intended to replace the taunting effect of Blood Boil for Death Knight tanks

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