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FAQ:Phasing And Starter Zones

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Are there quests chains involving trips into Utgarde Keep in both starting zones, i.e. if you want to clear all the Utgarde Keep quests will you need to run quests in both starting zones to get the (Dungeon) quests?

Here is the list of the questions and answers for the phasing and starter zones, are you still serching for them?

The two starting zones each have an instance cluster of their own. The Borean Tundra has the Nexus, the Howling Fjord has Utgarde Keep. You'll only get quests for the local dungeons in each starting zone.

As an RPer, I'll be looking forward to hosting events within Northrend, and within the other places in the game. I am worried, however, about this phasing technology. A lot of my events are situational, and rely on everyone being on the same "page", as it were. So, my question is, far from being a gift to the RP community, is the expansion and its phasing going to damage these events? By explanation, will an attack on a Scourge-controlled town fall apart when most attendees have already seen the Scourge off, in their phasing version? Or does it not work like that?

It depends on where you host it. The entire game world isn't changed by phasing, just certain sections of it. Icecrown is one place where they use a massive amount of it, because the zone is a story, more or less. Other zones don't see nearly as much of it. I don't have a list I can give you of all the places it is used, but you'll be able to find places for your events. Heck, if you can get people to the same phased step together, you might even have some fun with it. I could see making an event out of the final group quest in a certain chain in Icecrown. I won't spoil what the chain is, but the 5-man group quest that pops up will be a nice hint.

If I want to get the maximum awesome-lore experience, would you recommend leveling my Alliance toons or my Horde toons first?

Both sides have great stories in Wrath. Anybody who says Alliance is favored or Horde is favored is nuts. Which faction do you like better? The Horde has the Forsaken out for vengeance, or Saurfang struggling to keep things together with Hellscream romping about. The Alliance has origin stories, and a healthy helping of vengeance there as well. Both factions are awesome, and I don't think one needs to come before the other. Just pick whichever.


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