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Hateful,Deadly and Savage good and bad

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If you're not a big fan of the format, you can skip right to the end of the column and post your well thought-out arguments about it (a lot of you are very impassioned about the matter, and I'm greatly impressed) or you can skip to another post as we've got a lot of good reads elsewhere around the site. No, this column is for those Arena freaks, the guys who get giddy when the queue pops up and get an adrenaline rush when the gates open.

The next Arena season is going to be fun. We'll have ten more levels to slog through and a lot of experimentation to do before we settle on a PvP groove and find out which specs and playstyles actually work for us. At the end of it all, when we finally hit Level 80, a new era of Arenas will begin and there'll actually be three tiers of gear to reward every level of play. For anyone who's ever stepped foot into an Arena and liked it, it promises to be the best season yet.

Hateful Gladiator
Don't let the name fool you. Hateful Gladiator Arena gear is pretty sweet. I think it rewards a balance of time and relative skill, although I'm sure many players will consider the requisite Arena ratings rather steep. Just like the Savage Gladiator gear, it can be purchased with a combination of Honor and Arena points but this time carries a ratings requirement. The Arena point cost is roughly twice that of the Savage Gladiator items, so theoretically players who average around the requisite ratings should get about a piece every couple of weeks.

The Good
Hateful Gladiator gear is pretty darned good for the cost. If you can manage the ratings requirement, they're excellent pieces for competitive PvP and should satisfy many players. The Hateful Gladiator items are Blizzard's idea of the equivalent of 10-man raiding gear for PvP, and can quite certainly be worn with pride in addition to serving PvP needs nicely. The gear will even help fill out PvE sets in a pinch until they get replaced with more appropriate gear. These are simply the best items for the cost and should be the most popularly distributed and aspirational PvP gear in the game.

The Bad
For a lot of people, ratings from 1665 to 1825 will be prohibitive although these ratings are considerably lower for an entire set compared to past seasons, as 1825 will already qualify players for the shoulder pieces. Personally, I think the ratings are pretty modest -- Season 3 weapons required 1850 and the shoulders required 2000. Every piece of Hateful Gladiator gear is easier to obtain than the S3 weapon. Hateful Gladiator gear also require the most time investment and focus among all the three tiers of gear because of associated Honor gear and ratings. You need to grind Honor in the Battlegrounds as well as have a respectable performance in Arenas.

Deadly Gladiator
For the most devoted Arena enthusiasts, there are the Deadly Gladiator items which do not require any Honor points to purchase. Of all the new Arena gear, the Deadly Gladiator sets and weapons most closely represent the old system of Arena gear. The items are considerably more expensive, however, and should balance out as players able to attain ratings of this level should accrue enough Arena points to acquire one piece every few weeks. The helm cost is bugged, according to MMO Champion, but the ratings requirement should fall somewhere around 2100 or so.

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