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How to Recruit the Right People for Raiding

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How to Recruit the Right People for Raiding?When The Burning Crusade was released, it had a large impact on raiding guilds. Some guilds remained unchanged, others splintered off and some disbanded completely. While a lot of old players who had quit playing WoW came back once the expansion was released, some quit altogether. So to say that The Burning Crusade shook up the raiding scene is something of an understatement.
While the transition from 40-man raid dungeons to 25-man dungeons was more drastic than the transition will be to WotLK raiding, there will still be enough of a difference to also have an effect on raiding guilds. Old players becoming active again, the option of running the 25-man instances as 10-man instances, the addition of a new class, and the new race to the new level 80 cap will be enough for some guilds to break up and new ones to form. You may find yourself in a situation where you are in charge of recruiting new members when you've never had such a responsibility before, so this guide is meant to help you in weeding out the bad recruits from the good ones.
First of all, you need to know how often your guild plans on raiding: will your guild be a hardcore, nightly raiding guild or a guild that only raids a few nights a week? This is important because it will have an effect on what sort of players will be applying. Hardcore guilds tend to attract people who are more obsessed with loot, so it's more important to weed out the players who are the world of warcraft gold diggers. Casual guilds tend to attract players that are more on the laid back side, so it's more important to weed out the players that are too lazy to learn how to play.
Recruit the wrong players and you'll be seeing a lot of loading screens.
There are many types of undesirable players, and not everyone knows what to look for. Not everything will be covered by this guide, but most of the big things will be, so your results may vary.
One type of player that you want to look out for is the Epic Digger, the kind of player who is only raiding for the epics and doesn't give a damn about his fellow guildies. The Epic Digger isn't always easy to weed out because he will often come across as someone who just wants to help his guild eat through content, when in fact the only reason he's trying so hard is because he wants to get his hands on the epic loot. Now, it's not a bad thing to want better gear and loot, but the Epic Digger takes it to the next level by actively screwing over anyone he can in order to get loot first. They are often rude and can have a bad effect on morale with their selfish attitudes.
One way to weed Epic Diggers out is to pay close attention to what questions a new recruit may ask. Does he seem to ask more questions about loot, looting policies, and how soon he will be able to roll or spend DKP on gear? Another thing to look for is if the recruit ever passes on loot so someone else can have a chance at it before he does. If he's told he can't roll on something because it will benefit someone else more than him, does he get overly upset? If he exhibits all of the attributes above, then he is most likely an Epic Digger and it might be best to kick him from the guild when you have a chance.
A second type of undesirable player you want to look out for is the Lazy Slacker. This is the type of player that hangs out in the background, barely doing more than what is absolutely required of him. He will frequently show up for a raid unprepared, and rarely reads strategy guides on whatever content your guild is currently working on. No matter what class he plays, he will usually only spam one or two abilities and as a result perform poorly in whatever role he plays. He may try and use his "busyness in real life" as an excuse to not try hard or make an attempt at being prepared, even though you will frequently see him playing on his alts when not raiding. Lazy Slackers are dead weight at best, and hindrances to progression at worst when they show up unprepared.
A Lazy Slacker is the type of player most likely blow up his fellow players when he has debuffs such as "Living Bomb" (from WoW Classic), "Mark of Kaz'Rogal" (from WoW TBC) or "Polarize" (from upcoming WoW WotLK) simply because he didn't read the strategy for the boss and doesn't know what to do. He will be relatively easy to spot once he begins raiding, and once you have identified a player as a Lazy Slacker, the best way to deal with it is to simply stop inviting him to raids.


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