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How to Recruit the Right People for Raiding

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A third type of undesirable player is the Vindictive Jerk. While this type of player isn't necessarily harmful to your raiding effort in a direct way, he can nevertheless hold your guild's efforts back because he simply makes life hell for anyone he's around. He's frequently rude and insulting to his fellow players and he will often openly mock players that he encounters from other guilds, either in game or on the official online forums. He is bad for your guild's reputation and will hamper recruiting efforts or your guild's relationship with other guilds.
The Vindictive Jerk isn't always a bad player, in fact a good majority of them are good players, but his boorish personality will make the game unenjoyable to those he plays with.
It's not always easy to decide if someone is a Vindictive Jerk, and if he is, then what to do with him because everyone has bad days. Some Vindictive Jerks toe the line, being rude infrequently, but frequently enough that his name comes up often as a problem that needs to be smoothed over. Some simply aren't aware of their effect on other people and can be rehabilitated once they are made aware of it, but if someone is a problem and an embarrassment rather frequently, it's usually best to remove him from the guild.
A fourth type of player is specific to DPS roles – the Blood Luster. The Blood Luster is the type of player who lives for damage-dealing. He will often bring as many consumables as he possibly can in order to maximize his DPS output, and in a raid setting, is blind to anything except where he places on the damage meter. This can be a big problem because the Blood Luster will almost always ignore where he stands on the threat meter. At best, he will pull aggro from the main tank and merely get himself killed. At worst, he will pull aggro and wipe the entire raid.
Unfortunately, the Blood Luster isn't necessarily a type of player that is easy to detect and weed out, because it's not something you can pick up on until you start to raid with said player. However, most Blood Lusters can be rehabilitated into good players when properly coached into paying more attention to threat and don't necessarily have to be removed from the raid. But if one is a constant problem, even after being confronted several times, then it is best to remove him from the raid permanently.
These were just a few of the types of players to keep an eye out for when recruiting. Perhaps the best way to check up on a player is first to ask what guilds he has been in and then to check in with that guild to see what kind of person he was when he played with them. While anything that you are told should be taken with a grain of salt, it is a good way to get an early warning as to what sort of person you are recruiting.
Wrath of the Lich King brings with it a new raiding landscape. If you are reforming a guild, or starting a new one, be sure you are bringing in not just good players, but players with good character. Recruit the right people and your wow power leveling guild will go far.


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