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Improvements in the Newest Patch

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Arena testing and bug exploits
As to Arenas, yes we are getting much more testing now. Unfortunately it doesn't take much to derail that testing, such as the Typhoon bug, or the POM Pyro bug, or the current weapon multiplier bug. That's the kind of thing that happens in a beta, but it has a much harsher effect when players are trying to beat other players than it does when players are questing or doing raids.
Pet balancing and GCD
I would like to try a pet model at some point where the pets were sturdy and easily healed, but contributed much less of the total dps (like 15-25% instead of 30-40%).
The GCD, as I've said, is a good deal trickier. If anything, we regret a little pulling some abilities off of the GCD because that opened the barn door for other requests to remove things from it.
Glyphs pass soon
The glyphs weren't finalized until late, and we had already done a lot of testing and balancing then. They are also a little tricky to adjust because the intent is that they do change what you do slightly, instead of just buffing the buttons you'd already push.
But we plan on doing a pass on them soon.
Sorting mounts under the "Mounts" tab
The numbers aren't done. We changed an awful lot of combat mechanics and we're still adjusting things to get them right. Unholy death knights.
Don't feel like Lich King is a deadline. If anything, it's only a beginning. Even if we had everything absolutely 100% perfectly balanced to our liking, some smart player would figure out that if you combine this talent spec, with this elixir and this trinket and use this set bonus, then bam, your dps goes up by 200 points. That sort of thing is going to happen, and we're just going to have to adjust when it does. Balance is a work in progress, not a destination.
Raid diversity in Wrath of the Lich King
I undestand your concern here. It's totally valid. But it's actually the "OMG we need X" mentality that we're trying to get away from. Even a 25-player raid stacked with healers is going to have ~15 slots for dps. Not every raid will have a rogue in one of those spots, but some will, and some will have 3 or 4. We want to restore flexibility back to the group. Our experience is that a lot of guilds are groups of friends, and it sucks when those groups have to sit out mage 3 and 4 just because "full on mages." If you have a group with exceptional rogues, great. Bring them. You shouldn't be punished for having too many good players.
Now maybe you're worried that battle rez or battle shout or whatever is still too good and stacks so well that every guild is going to switch to stacking, oh I don't know, 10 Ret pallies for their dps. If that happens, and we're convinced it's really an issue not just players experimenting, then we'll squash it. Because the goal is you bring 15 dps, not that you bring 10 ret pallies. That violates the "OMG we need X" situation.
Cleaves in PvE in Wrath of the Lich King
Assuming you are talking about PvE, a big part of that in BC was the boss cleaves that were so deadly to melee and the necessity for crowd control that could pretty much only be done by a mage or priest. That did suck and it wasn't fair and we changed it. You shouldn't be walking into that situation again. Now you can argue that your dps isn't up to par, which is a valid concern (in the sense that I understand why you'd be worried about it, not in the sense that we think it's true). But it is also a concern voiced by probably every class at the moment.
Talents - Dual Specialization

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