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Improvements in the Newest Patch

Author: inwowgold Source:

We're defintiely pursuing the ability to switch specs. The details are still being debated internally but we do have plans that would allow for players to switch between specs.
We want every spec to be viable, as you say. But the truth is, in end game raiding or end game PvP (Arena in particular), there is a big difference between "viable" and "the best". Players will always perceive certain specs to be better than others in end game activities and it would be misleading to imply that all specs are going to be universally ideal for all situations. But viable is a different story.
I imagine by this stage we wouldn't see it until a patch after release?
Most likely in a patch but it's not too far off.
No experience awarded in Battlegrounds after next patch
Battlegrounds wins/losses and honorable kills will not award experience after the next patch, nor upon the release of Wrath of the Lich King. It could always happen somewhere down the road as we work to improve PvP progression, but there are no plans for changing this in the immediate future.
Hand of A'dal title after Patch 3.0.2
The titles "Hand of A'dal" and "Champion of the Naaru" will be removed come patch 3.0.X. You can still turn in the quests and receive the rewards but you will not receive the titles.
This is true
You have to be level 70 to gain the title. Hit 71 your opportunity is gone.
This is not true
Season 3 and Season 4 gear after Wrath of the Lich King Launch
Sorry for the delay. Season 3 and season 4 items should still be on the vendors after Wrath of the Lich King launches. This means you could technically buy this gear at level 80 if you so choose. Bear in mind though that players will have their arena points wiped around the launch of the expansion, and will be unable to create teams and acquire points and ratings until season 5 begins.
Season 2 Gear after Patch 3.0.2
The honor items added in 3.0.2 are not really replacements for the merciless gear currently available. As such, this gear will not be replaced in 3.0.2. Players will still be able to get season 2 gear via the honor vendors. I believe season 2 gear will remain on the honor vendors for level 70 players after the launch of the expansion as well, though am not certain of this yet.
Violet Hold - Defense Control Crystals changes
The defense control crystals are now placed at various locations around the dungeon, and no longer an inventory item.
Naxxramas - Gluth harder in Wrath of the Lich King, Heigan bursts not resetting
The Gluth change was highly intentional. You shouldn't be able to ignore Gluth eating Zombies and win. I'm checking on the issue with Heigan now. Please use the main threads for bug reports.

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