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Melee DPS vs. Range DPS

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Are you familiar with melee DPS and range DPS? Do you know the difference between them? If no, you are coming the right place, we are ready to talk about both of them for a while. It is the time for all of you to focus your attention on this topic.

With WOTLK I have found that even though many would say the encounters are a bit easier in comparison to BC that alot of the boss encounters are not melee friendly. Which I find it a great challenge for me personally b/c it calls for me to keep me on my toes. However, with the whole new designs in boss fights it does at times put down our damage numbers when trying to increase our survival which it should be if you're going heads up/toe to toe with a baddy.

With range dps the trade off used to be that certain classes who wore less armor would be those primarily in the back nukiing the bosses from a safe distance. Now not saying there isn't plenty of boss fights that put range dpsers in trouble it just seems to me that there is an inherent disparity in regards to range keeping themselves up.

Now mind you I don't have time to watch what is going on in the background, but I have healed in number of instances as well and being in the rear with the gear seems awhole lot safter this xpac then previous encounters. Which leads me to question what exactly do range dps have to worry about when say fighting a raid boss? I have done a number raids and am usually number 3 in the dps meters with being sandwiched by hunters i.e. hunters are top 2 and hunters being top 4 and 5. It just doesn't seem the trade off in itself in regards to survival is something that range dps truly has to worry about...again I can be wrong here, b/c I'm totally focused on my target as well as the tank not to mention being a healer (only when needed) and being a range dps are two totally different animals all together.

As range dps what challenges do you all have when it comes to fighting a boss and keeping yourself up? Because we are dps classes we're usually not going to get those heals when we need them off the back unless the MT/OT are topped off, but when it comes down to it in my experience so far I have seen an entire raids melee group get decimated and the range dps still going strong which in part helps the healers focus mainly on the tank and thus making it easier for them to heal.

Are there boss encounters that range dps you go in and just say "ugh ok I need to keep myself up b/c I know i'm not going to get any heals and I know my dps numbers are going to go down b/c of it" (outside of Loatheb and patchwerk of course) or for the most part you all never really had to worry much about dying so much this xpac?

I want to get a greater appreciation for my range dps counterparts b/c there isn't nothing better then a great synergy btwn the two schools of dps types but in a very competitive environment in where numbers often dictate your spot in a raid it can be a bit misleading for a raid leader at times, as a raid leader who has a huge melee pool I love my range dps I wish I had more but again the question comes up can you have to much range dps? of course the answer is yes but take away some of the buffs or debuffs melee puts out what then can be the deciding factor for a raid leader to say "i need to balance off the numbers btwn melee and range dps"

In part, melee DPS means that that you are right next to the enemy you are damaging. Think of it like being in a fist fight. If you are not close enough to hit the guy with your fists you can not damage him. But range DPS means you can hit your enemy from a far, like a gun fight. Range does not play a factor in the amount of damage your weapons or spells do. While you can shoot the guy standing right next to you, Range DPSers have a lot less armor then meleers so you will take a lot of damage with them standing next to you.
Melee DPS: your primary job in Mourkain Temple is to keep the enemy off your Ball carrier. It's tempting to want to grab the Ball, but tanks are better at this than you are, and your talent is wasted if you aren't fighting.
You should only grab the Ball, if and only if, there is no tank around to do it. You make a decent back up for the Ball carrier, but if there is a tank there, let them grab it. If your side has the Ball, and is in the safe hut, or behind the safe wall, make sure the tanks are plugging the entrances, and then your job is to kill any enemy player that gets close. The further back you can keep them from the Ball carrier the better chance of your side winning. If your enemy has the Ball, things change a bit. While you should also charge in there and get it back, this is one time that it's fine to take the Ball. If you have a really good group with you, use /assist to concentrate your attacks on the Ball carrier. With the damage you do, you are likely to be the one who kills the enemy carrier, don't wait for a tank! If there are enemy players all around you, grab the Ball and run back to the safe hut or wall.
Ranged DPS: your primary job in Mourkain Temple is to kill any enemy players that get close to your Ball carrier. Hit them fast and hard, and keep hitting them until they back up. Don't get to carried away with chasing them though If they decide to run, let them. Your job is to protect the Ball carrier, and while you are off chasing down that wounded Bright Wizard, or Orc Shaman (getting your side 2 points), his buddies are killing your Ball carrier (getting them 20 or more points). The idea of the game here is to stay together and keep the enemy away from your Ball carrier. Do not bother trying to go for the War Ball unless you have no choice. While everyone thinks it's fun, and wants it, not everyone is good at it. You are the worst! Between taking damage over time from simply holding the ball (and the damage gets really, really high) and every enemy player doing their best to kill you, you stand little chance of doing anything more than dieing 50 feet over there. If the enemy has the Ball, back up your tanks and Melee DPS, by concentrating your attacks on the Ball carrier. If you have a good group with you, use /assist to concentrate your attacks on the Ball carrier.

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