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Scenario Queues and Other Changes

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Recently the scenario queue system has been changed.
All scenarios of your tier are now available to you without the need to travel to the pairing. For instance, if you’re in Troll Contry, you can queue for the Stonetroll Crossing scenario as usual.
You can also queue up for Phoenix Gate (the Tier 2 scenario in the High Elf vs. Dark Elf pairing) and Mourkain Temple (the Tier 2 scenario on the Dwarf vs. Greenskin pairing), all without leaving Troll Country.
Just click the WAR symbol on your interface as you normally would, and use the arrows at the top of the window to scroll through the different scenarios.
Please keep in mind that you’ll have more scenarios in higher tiers. If you are in Talabecland (Tier 3) you can choose between Talabec Dam, High Pass Cemetary, Tor Anroc, Temple of Isha, Night Fire Bassin and Doom Fist Crater!
In addition to this, we implemented the following updates this morning:
Inevitable Power: Adjusted quest object to improve quest stability (statue).
On the brink of Chaos: Players may now read Lord Grauenbergs missive.
Honorable Deceit: Players will now receive the appropriate “Karond Wine” to drink.  “This may require re-accepting the quest to obtain the correct item”.
Spotting Trouble: Players will now get credit for the quest when they kill the required monsters.
Caledor in Flames: Players will now be able to turn in this quest to Kuvith Darkshadow.
Public Quests
The PQ Dark retribution will no longer get stuck in stage 5.
Suntear is now friendly to order players
Uthorin Felshade now attack all enemies not just melee ones
Toof Maw will now spawn at an appropriate level for the area.
The Stonetroll Pacifier in the Stonetroll Crossing scenario will now reset before players can obtain it again.
You can now queue in all the scenarios of your tier, (eg if you’re in Nordland you can queue for Nordenwatch, Gates of Ekrund and Khaine’s Embrace all without leaving Nordland).  (this was pushed last night onto the servers).
The Archmage tactic Golden Aura will no longer harm friendly targets when used with certain abilities.
Now go and fight along with your allies wherever they need you and keep an eye on this site for more additions to come!

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