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What is the Paladin class?

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The first thing to do is consider, is the Paladin class right for you? There is a lot of great things about the Paladin class but as with any class it's not for everyone. To get a better idea of what the Paladin class stands for, we've compiled a list that describes what the Paladin class is. If that's what you are looking for, then a Paladin may be for you. If you're not sure, then try one out! The low levels don't showcase everything about a class, but it's a good way to get a basic idea of how a class will work.

Paladins are a hybrid class and with that brings numerous options
Paladins are good at several things so you can change and adapt to different situations. They can heal, tank or dps. However, while they can do all these things they can not do all of them well all the time. They need to be specialized to one task.
Paladins can wear any kind of armour they choose and can equip shields. This gives them a great amount of choice and a very high survivability in plate armour later in the game (past level 40 with wow power leveling).
Paladins once they have the ability to wear plate armour at level 40 are probably the most survivable class in the game. They can have huge armour and health numbers, and heal them selves and bubble! Bubbling is a term for their multiple abilities to protect them selves (or others) from all incoming damage for a short period of time.
Paladins have excellent group and raid buffs in the form of auras and blessings and are always in demand.
Paladins can taunt enemies of lesser armoured classes.
Paladins can resurrect other players.
Paladins have traditionally been viewed as a support class. However, due to changes in patches 2.4 and 3.0.2 they are rapidly becoming known as top rank Tanks and DPSers in addition to their longstanding ability as top tank healers.
To be truly effective at any of the things they are able to do you will need to specialize your talents and gear to that one thing, giving up much of your flexibility.
So in summary, the Paladin class is a mixed class that is generally a support class. They can heal, tank and dps but need to specialize to do so well. The combination though makes them an exceptionally versatile and survivable class. It is not uncommon to see a Paladin fighting a MOB several levels higher than themselves and defeating it. Sure it takes a while with their low dps (unless they are retribution spec'ed), but they can and will survive.

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