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Arena PvP System

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   Here we are willing to talk about the goal of Arena PvP system. It mainly offer the players a highly competitive environment that does not rely on a huge investment of time but rather on a team's playing skills. Because the Arena System is meant to be the ultimate PvP challenge, the level requirement to join an Arena Team is level 70. You have the option of engaging other players in practice matches even if you are not level 70 yet, but these skirmishes do not gain you a Team Rating or Arena Points.
Arenas, like battlegrounds, are instanced playfields where teams of players fight against each other. Each Arena has a different layout and some unique twists that add different strategic elements to the fight to some extent.
It is important for you to create a Arena system. Creating an Arena Team is like creating a guild. Simply purchase a team charter from an Arena Promoter, name your team, pick your team colors and logo, and collect additional player signatures depending on the team size. Once you have all the signatures you need, you can turn in your completed team charter
In part, Arena teams are similar to guilds in that they are persistent groups of players with their own name and symbol. There are three different types of teams, one for each type of match you can fight in the Arena: two players versus two players (2v2), 3v3, and 5v5. Unlike guilds, you can be in several different teams at the same time, but you can be in only one team of a certain type; for example, you can't be in two different 3v3 teams, but you can be in a 2v2 and in a 5v5 team. Also, you need to be at least level 70 before you can join or create an Arena team.
Now it's time to prove your might in the Arena when you set your team up. You get into an Arena match like you join a battleground: talk to an Arena Battlemaster and select the type of match you want to queue for. You are able to select either a ranked game or a skirmish, which is a practice fight that won't impact your Team Rating to large scale. Once your team is in the queue, the matchmaking system will look for other teams with a suitable ranking for you to play against. When it finds a match, both teams are teleported into the arena and the match countdown begins.
Arena Battlemasters are located next to other battlemasters in major cities. Ask a guard for directions. Additionally, you can start arena games at The Ring of Trials in Nagrand, Circle of Blood in Blade's Edge Mountains, and Gadgetzan. Most arena players seem to use the Arena Battlemaster in Shattrath City. As when joining a Battleground, after a match your team will be teleported to the battlemaster who entered your team in the queue.
In the Arena fight, it is a fact that you can obtain the Arene rewards when you win at last. The Arena rewards include epic weapons and armor sets and are exceptionally useful for PvP combat, as they are loaded with PvP-centric stats such as Resilience and Stamina. These items are purchased with Arena Points, the currency of the Arena System. Arena Points do not decay and you can stockpile a maximum of 5,000 at any given time. To claim your rewards, visit the Arena vendor in Area 52 in the Netherstorm region of Outland. You can also find an Arena vendor in Shattrath City.

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