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Best Alliance Death Knight Race

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Dwarf Racials:

Stoneform - More of a PvP talent, but also very nice during raids and other PvE encounters.
Gun Specialization - irrelevant, death knights cannot use guns.
Frost Resistance - A nice 2% resistance, solid for both PvP and PvE.
Find Treasure - pretty pointless as it's a non-combat talent, do not choose your death knight based on this.
Mace Specialization - like any specialization, it's great if you're using the weapons for which you have bonus expertise for. Solid for both PvP and PvE purposes.
Quite frankly not all that great. If you have a 2h mace and do nothing but PvP against frost mages you might could make a case, but I'm not impressed by the racials here.

Gnome Racials:
Escape Artist - amazing for PvP, especially now that it can no longer be resisted. Solid for many PvE encounters as well.
Expansive Mind - pointless as death knights gain nothing from intellect
Arcane Resistance - Like any of the resistances, this will be a solid trait for both PvP and PvE.
Engineering Specialist - non-combat trait, don't choose your race based on this.
Much like dwarves, pretty bad. With the exception of escape artist every racial ability is either "meh" or not used at all.

Human Racials:
Perception - Some PvP application, not nearly as good as the old perception.
The Human Spirit - death knight's have no real spirit application.
Diplomacy - non-combat, do not base your racial choice on this ability.
Sword Specialization - Great if you are using swords, worthless if not.
Mace Specialization - Great if you are using maces, worthless if not.
Every man for himself - Awesome for PvP as it allows you to use another trinket, also solid for many PvE encounters.
So far the best of any alliance race. Having the double weapon specialization at least gives you some leeway as to your weapon selection. Once again nothing all that stellar though.

Night Elf Racials:
Shadowmeld - Not crucial, very minor PvP application for death knights. Some PvE application for DPS death knights.
Quickness - Solid for PvP and PvE.
Wisp Spirit - Pointless, do not choose your race based on this.
Nature Resistance - Solid for PvP and PvE.
No useable racials, quite frankly pretty bad. Quickness and Nature resistance are nice additions, but considering they are really more situational uses at best…these are pretty bad.

Draenei Racials:
Gift of the Naaru - Excellent ability for PvP and solid for PvE as well, especially now that it scales with AP / spell power.
Heroic Presence - Solid 1%, nothing major but certainly a nice addition.
Gemcutting - non-combat, do not choose your race based on this.
Shadow Resistance - Of all the resistances shadow is the one to have, especially since it's a 2% compared to the undead's 1%.
Overall, draenie is pretty solid. The gift of the naaru is pretty huge in my opinion, you toss some nice passive resistance and +hit on top of that you've got a pretty solid package.

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