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Best Death Knight Race for Alliance Conclusions

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PvP Pick: Human
PvE Pick: Human / Draenei
All Around Pick: Human
My Preference: Human
Looking at the alliance racials for the death knight…well quite frankly they all just suck. Besides escape artist, stoneform, and gift of the naaru there really isn't much worth mentioning. The other racial abilities are cenetered around passive or non-combat traits which aren't going to really make or break your character. I strongly feel humans will make the best all around death knight.

You've got weapon specialization on both maces and swords, the novelty of diplomacy, perception…and to top it all off you've got the real clencher for me, every man for himself. This is huge, particuarlly for PvP. For PvE it's not as big of a deal, hence why I've listed draenei as another option. Heroic pressence and gift are very nice, but when compared to the human's weapon specs and free trinket I think the 2 races come up pretty even.

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