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Best Death Knight Race for Horde Conclusions

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PvP Pick: Orc / Undead
PvE Pick: Troll / Tauren (tank)
All Around Pick: Orc
My Preference: Troll
Perhaps I'm a little biased since I play a troll, but just based on the talent changes…well, trolls are looking pretty damn amazing. If we just compare troll / orc to the other races there's not really much to mention. All tauren really have is the war stomp, as endurance is quite negligable after the change.

If we look at undead all we're really considering is will of the forsaken, which is still great for PvP, but the other racials just don't cut it for me. Blood elves are in a similar boat. Overall I feel orc is the best overall package. All 4 racials are work to directly increase damage / survivability, where as the other racials are mixed / indirrect / non-combat at best.

Personally I'd still opt for the troll, due to my natural affinity for the race in addition to their recent racial improvements and multi-faceted PvP and PvE application.

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